6 Killer Web Tools for Business

6 Killer Web Tools for Business

The Essential Web Tools for Small Businesses

It’s no secret that online technology plays a huge role in how we do business. It’s also no secret that this form of technology is rapidly advancing at a breakneck pace.  The things that were considered to be revolutionary game-changers as little as five years ago have now settled into the realm of commonplace and average.

Its imperative that your business stay ahead of the curve when it comes to utilizing the best of online technology that the web has to offer. We’ve selected six essential web tools that will allow your business to get ahead of the competition and stay there for a while.  And in the world of business, is there anything more important than that?

It will soon be apparent that these killer web tools are designed to help you conduct business in a more efficient manner. However, they do more than that. They also serve as signals to your customers and your employees that you are on the cutting-edge of business; a company that seeks to embrace new business-related technologies rather than approach them timidly.

6 Killer Web Tools for Small Businesses:


killer web tool for business
The cloud is one of those tech-based descriptors that some of us didn’t fully understand when the term started to be used as a common expression, but we knew it had to be important. Of course, we now know that it’s the holding space for all of our data collected through a large network of computing concepts. We also know how utterly devastating it can be if all that data stored inside the cloud somehow manages to get damaged, corrupted, or lost.This is why Carbonite is such an essential web tool. Its function is simple: it serves as a backup file for all matters of data great and small that is amassed in the cloud. Carbonite’s  backup service is conducted automatically, meaning that you essentially don’t have to jump through hoops to ensure your data is safe. Additionally, there is no limit to the amount of remote backup storage you can utilize, so as your business grows, so does your ability to keep things safe. Even if you’ve never lost a file, you know how life-saving of a tool this type of service can be.  With Carbonite, you really can survive a computer disaster.  We’re excited to announce that Carbonite is offering an exclusive 15-Day Free trial for ichitect readers.

Visit: http://www.carbonite.com



killer web tool for business
You may have encountered this service before under its old name YouSendIt. If so, then you already know how essential of a web tool this can be for your business. If you aren’t familiar with the product in either incarnation, then it may behoove you to do so.In essence, Hightail is a file sharing service that enables you to send large folder or files in a secure manner to anyone from any device, from personal computers to smart phones and all gadgets in between. While this web tool has large ramifications within creative industries like photography, it also has important application possibilities in the business world, too.For example, let’s say you are on the road and have a massive presentation that you are planning to share with a client. However, the night before the presentation, your team back home can provide an updated version of the presentation featuring metrics that will actually make it look even better. By utilizing Hightail, that updated version of the presentation will get delivered to you safe and sound. Considering how much business still gets conducted via travel and face-to-face meetings, a web tool like Hightail could be the one item that makes your business look as good as it possibly can.

Visit: https://www.hightail.com



killer web tool for business
Image is everything in business. That’s been the case since the dawn of time, and it will continue to be so until the world ends. And if there is one downside to the wonder of technology, it is that it is harder than ever to maintain an optimum image. All it takes is one bit of information that is outdated or inaccurate to place a seed of doubt into the mind of a potential client as to whether or not you are as good as you say you are.What’s more, because the Internet is such a huge place, it can feel nearly impossible to try and locate these kinds of misinformation, let alone rein it in. That’s where Reputation.com can step in and help. The website deals in ORM, otherwise known as Online Reputation Management.This service works to control search results that may come up in conjunction with your name, including your personal, private information. In other words, this web tool hides all of the stuff that you would rather not disclose to the public. Additionally, reputation.com also works to inform your business of any negative or completely false product reviews that may end up hurting you. This latter component is extremely important to consider. After all, not everyone who gives out a one star Yelp review on a product knows what they are talking about.

Visit: http://www.reputation.com


Survey Monkey

killer web tool for business
Gathering opinions internally and externally is an important part of any business. It helps to streamline processes, improve products, and generally provide a better overall experience to both the customer and the employee. However, this process can be laborious and time consuming if it is not carried out properly.Survey Monkey makes the art of collecting thoughts and feelings of your clientele and employees significantly easier. Surveys  this web tool offers are fully customizable so you can collect data in precisely the manner you want. Additionally, the web tool has an abundance of analytical tools that enable you to more easily synthesize the collected data. This, in turn, would allow you to keep a pulse on not only what your clients want from your business, but also why they want it.

Visit: https://www.surveymonkey.com



killer web tool for business
One of the more annoying questions that might come your way is when a client asks you “Did you receive the fax I sent you?” The reason it’s annoying has nothing to do with the client, of course. Rather, it comes from knowing that there is potentially sensitive, critical data that is floating about in your office that you haven’t had the chance to get to. Fortunately, a web tool like eFax can eliminate this problem altogether. As the name may suggest, eFax works by sending the faxes that are addressed to you directly to your computer, laptop, tablet, or smart phone, as opposed to a fax machine where information may be left out in the open for prying eyes to ogle. It’s a process that is safe, secure, and since it takes away the need to print out things like cover sheets and whatnot, efax is environmentally friendly. eFax also comes equipped with an outgoing fax option. All you need is a scanner, and you’re good to go.  eFax is offering an exclusive 30-day free trial of its pro version to its readers.

Visit: http://efax.com



killer web tool for business
The accounting side of business can be a headache. This can especially be true for small businesses; while a person’s passion for making pastries may lead him or her to open a bakery, it is highly doubtful that he or she has even remotely the same level of passion for  number-crunching elements that go into running a successful business. And for years, getting assistance with balancing books and overseeing budgets meant that you had to buy a software package or two, worry about software upgrades, and be tethered to one specific computer. It’s almost as big of a pain as dealing with the figures themselves, and it is a pain that WorkingPoint.com eliminates entirely. All of the same kind of utilities that you would need from a financial software package can be found in this web tool – from invoicing to tax reporting. Plus, because the service is completely online, you can take care of the financial side of your business anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

Visit: http://www.workingpoint.com