Top 6 Crowdsourcing Websites

Top 6 Crowdsourcing Websites

Best Crowdsourcing Websites

Crowdsourcing, a term coined in 2006, means taking tasks that were traditionally performed in-house or by suppliers and getting them done by a “crowd” of online freelancers instead. By delegating tasks to a group of people with similar skills, knowledge, and or interests instead of to a designated specialist or dedicated internal department, many projects can be completed more cost-effectively and yield surprisingly innovative outcomes. Crowdsourcing isn’t just a way for employers to save money. It also provides opportunities for virtual free movement of labor to millions of freelancers and offsite team members that do not exist within traditional employment methods or even other forms of outsourcing. When it comes to crowdsourcing, it’s a win-win for all participants.

Crowdsourcers (employers/buyers) gain:

Task completion for a less expensive price point

Many clients prefer crowdsourcing over traditional outsourcing because more can be done with less. When tasks are delegated to a sea of talented individuals from around the world, clients are very likely to get the result they want at a fraction of the cost. Overhead costs for virtual team members are minimal to zero.

More bang for your buck

With crowdsourcing, buyers are left to choose from a wide variety of finished products. Finding the best work gets easier when there are so many options available. Depending on freelancer bids and your budget, it is quite possible that you can hire more than one freelancer thus increasing project bandwidth for innovation and creativity.


With crowdsourcing, buyers do not need to go through the tedious process of in-depth screening, hiring, and contracting candidates one by one. Buyers post a job they want done to a crowdsourcing site and can hire many people at an economical rate. Typically clients select the best looking offers, accept bids and in some cases even wait to see the completed work before selecting and paying for it.

No need to hire permanent or temporary employees

None of the expenses of a regular payroll, and no need for buyers/employers to go head hunting for the right talents and skills. In a crowdsourcing scenario, the sellers—talents or professionals—are the ones who go hunting for the right tasks or projects.

Excellent tool for outsourcing

Crowdsourcers that find phenomenal talent through crowdsourcing sites may decide to offer freelancers permanent employment, or contract directly with talents to ensure high-quality work at all times. If you are seeking professionals with a great work ethic that can carry out all manner of tasks with remarkable results, start with crowdsourcing and recruit the best freelancers as you find them.

Crowdsourcees (talent/freelancers) gain:

Cash Compensations

Crowdsourced jobs pay quickly, and buyers are willing to pay a premium for real talent and exceptional results. The better you perform, the more consistently you’ll be able to command high rates for your work.

Equal Playing Field

In crowdsourcing, all participating professionals— amateur or veteran, from all perspectives and walks of life—are on a level playing field. A talent’s years of experience or employment background may not always be relevant when buyers select the best work from the crowd. This means that a total newbie can be in competition against seasoned talent.

Flexible Work Hours

The majority of crowdsourced jobs are completely freelance and can be done from the comfort of one’s home. This enables participants to work at their own pace, provided they meet the deadlines and other terms and conditions set by the buyer.

Enhance your Professional Portfolio

Whether your work was accepted or declined from a crowdsourcing job, you can include the finished product as part of your professional portfolio. Pick your best completed projects to show off your stuff and get more work!

Crowdsourcing Makes Dollars and Sense

Taking advantage of the benefits of crowdsourcing is smart and practical for companies big and small. Aside from being a cost-effective and efficient means of garnering the best results, crowdsourcing can also be a powerful marketing tool that can successfully enhance brand awareness, and introduce crowdsourcees to new revenue streams.

Different Types of Crowdsourcing

·      Crowdsource design

·      Crowdfunding

·      Microtasking

·      Ideas crowdsourcing

 Top 6 Crowdsourcing Websites:


top crowdsourcing websites

DesignCrowd allows you to search for designers by specialty (such as Blog, Facebook Page, Twitter Page, Banner Ad, Magazine, and Landing Page designs), by country, and with filters for earnings, percentage of jobs awarded, and more. You can also see designers’ stats at a glance and how well they’ve performed in the past. Expect to pay more for the highest ranking designers, but you can find great deals on logo design, business card design, and even more design projects with less experienced and less proven freelancers at DesignCrowd.


top crowdsourcing websites

 With a well-earned reputation as a thriving design crowdsourcing company, 99Designs brings together the talents and skills of many designers from the world over. Small and big businesses both need to create brand awareness and effectively market the products and services they offer; deciding to crowdsource a design or logo for your organization builds awareness in the creative community right off the bat and increases your chance for an effective and revenue-boosting logo and brand identity.

In addition to logos, 99Designs can help your organization with projects like Web Design, Banner Advertisements, Product Packaging design, Social Media Page design, and both eBook and Hardcopy Book Cover design . 99designs features a 100% money-back guarantee to crowdsourcers, but with nearly one million talented freelancers working in collaboration with 99Designs, you’re almost certain to find exactly what you need. They also offer unlimited revisions as part of every contract, and you can even set up your project as a contest for freelancers.


top crowdsourcing websites

If you are looking for professionals that can accomplish simple yet crucial microtasks, you might try oDesk. And if you’re looking for an efficient labor force at affordable rates, oDesk is definitely the premiere website to visit. You can explore top specialists on this outsourcing website, including web developers, software and development designers, information systems specialists, proficient translators, writers, and even administrative support members as well.  oDesk receives its cut by taking 10% from the freelancer’s earnings.

As with all crowdsourcing platforms, oDesk allows you to contract workers on a per-job basis rather than employing someone full time, but this platform still makes it easy to develop long-term relationships with talent you like. And oDesk makes completing contracts easy with its efficient and streamlined payment process and its time tracking software. When it comes to reliability and affordability, oDesk is a crowdsourcing platform that can’t be beat.

Tip: Starting in October 2014, the minimum hourly wage rate will be set to $3/hour.





top crowdsourcing websites

Freelancers of all kinds can be found on Elance, from content writers to mobile app designers to SEO gurus and lots more. Post a job and let people bid, or browse through freelancer profiles and ask a few to interview for an open job you have. Whatever it is you need done, the crowdsourcing capabilities of Elance will make sure the job gets done right and at a cost-effective price point.  For fixed price projects – you also don’t have to pay until the job has been completed to your satisfaction however, minimum fixed price projects are set to $20.

Elance makes it free to post a job, and free for designers, writers, project managers, data scientists, and other freelancers to join the site and look for jobs. The site makes its money primarily by taking a percentage of everything paid on a successful job completed, meaning this crowdsourcing platform has an incentive to see working relationships that leave everyone happy—and that can’t be bad!  In our experience, oDesk has a more user friendly interface than Elance – nevertheless, between the two freelance sites you should find the pool of human resources more than adequate for your manpower/”peoplepower” needs.

Tip: Find Top Rated SEM Experts at Elance


Before moving on, let’s be clear on the differences between Crowdsourcing and Outsourcing:

top crowdsourcing websites

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top crowdsourcing websites

Signing up as a buyer will enable you to get over 100 entries for a single project using this online crowdsourcing platform.  All a buyer needs to do is name their price for a given task and hundreds of creative professionals will rise to produce a quality result.  crowdSPRING offers a 100% money-back guarantee to give you further confidence in the talented designers that work through this popular crowdsourcing platform.





top crowdsourcing websites

Through innovative contests online involving challenges, InnoCentive is a platform for crowdsourcing innovation problems to talented minds (collective and or individual think tanks) from all over the planet. Solution seekers and challenge solvers also come from many organizations, including businesses, academic institutions, and non-profit groups. Engineers, designers, inventors, entrepreneurs, scientists, and the like can gain many advantages by merely joining the InnoCentive community and communicating with the other seekers and problem-solvers on this crowdsourcing platform.

The projects or challenges posted on InnoCentive’s Challenge Center by solution seekers have to meet certain conditions to ensure fairness and that no one is being exploited. Financial compensation or reward details for the winning solution are listed at InnoCentive. Judging from the increasing number of seekers and solvers in this web-based community, InnoCentive is doing very well and gaining a reputation in the crowdsourcing community as an exciting online platform that feeds the need of professionals for relevant external challenges. InnoCentive aims to eliminate any middleman so everyone obtains the results they need faster—and more conveniently, too.



 …and some Runners-Up

There are some other great crowdsourcing websites that were a little too specialized or niche-focused to make it into our top five, but they definitely deserve shout-out here and a look from anyone who needs their particular brand of crowdsourcing:

Looking for crowd-based funding for your creative project or innovative business or product idea? Look no further than Kickstarter! This crowdfunding company offers a platform for professionals like designers, writers, musicians, filmmakers, and inventors to connect with financial backers large and small and build a community around a creative endeavor. With crowdfunding made so easy, it’s no wonder that thousands of projects have been successfully funded through Kickstarter.

Project creators have complete control and responsibility over their projects.A project creator sets the financial goal as well as the project deadline for funding. Project funding on Kickstarter is all or nothing—if the project falls short of full funding backers keep their money and the project gets nothing. Project creators interested in listing their projects with Kickstarter need to meet general guidelines before their projects goes live.



minuteworkers crowdsource

For crowdsourcing micro work, MinuteWorkers is one platform to consider. People with some time to spare sign up and earn extra income from micro tasks such as completing surveys, signing up for websites, and even simply downloading files! Participants are fairly compensated for tasks undertaken and the quality of work performed is high. The tasks on MinuteWorkers are very simple, and workers will only typically need to spend a few minutes on most tasks. Participants are paid through Paypal and or Alertpay and may withdraw funds once they have accumulated a certain amount in their MinuteWorkers account.


Mechanical Turk or mTurk

mturk crowdsource

One of the most popular websites that facilities crowdsourcing is Mechanical Turk or mTurk. The website is run by online giant Amazon, so you are all but guaranteed that projects or items posted are legitimate all the way around. The signup process for mTurk only takes a few minutes to finish, and then talented minds click on Human Intelligence Tasks (HITs)—projects that they would like to work on. The tasks that are featured on mTurk are simple and very straightforward: answering surveys, commenting on blogs, rewriting, image labeling, and simple micro tasks as well.

The payment system employed by mTurk is fairly easy in that payments for workers are directly forwarded to their Amazon payment account. Although most jobs pay only a little at a time, in keeping with the time spent on each task, these can be fun places to earn some extra income on easy tasks or to get some simple but time-consuming work done cheaply.




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