Top 6 Ecommerce Software Solutions

Top 6 Ecommerce Software Solutions

Top 6 Ecommerce Software Solutions and Best ECommerce

As you may be aware, both conventional and fully web based store owners need robust eCommerce solutions in order to make it easier for consumers to purchase goods and services. While the best eCommerce solution may differ based on the company size and inventory type, you will still find many other features to evaluate before selecting a specific program.

During the process of trying to select an eCommerce solution, you are bound to find dozens of programs that may or may not suit your needs. At the very least, if you try one of these six options, you should find it a bit easier if you keep in mind:

• The size of your company now and its inventory structure
• Projected growth over the next five years
• How much time you expect to spend on checking and editing inventory entries
• The kinds of reports you will need for sales, tax, and accounting issues
• How much money you are willing to spend on purchase of software, upgrades, and transaction fees


Top 6 Ecommerce software solutions:



Cost to Purchase: 50.00 per month plus 1% fee per transaction.

Ease of Integration with Bank Gateways: fairly easy to achieve.

Can it Be Integrated with Joomla? Yes, but scripts work better with store building templates that come in the package.

Can it be integrated with WordPress? Yes, but script comes with store builder that may be easier for beginners.

Maintenance Requirements: Must visit the site to obtain security and other upgrade types.

Is it Easy to Setup? Most people find Shopify fairly easy to setup.

Features: Fully customizable shopping cart that includes the latest security features and a wide range of currency options. Many people that purchase Shopify do so because it also includes hundreds of free templates that can be used to create store fronts and other supporting page elements. The cart itself is also fairly easy to configure and comes with a wide range of reports that can be used by most businesses. Individuals that want to support mobile phones will also be very pleased with the interface and apps that are supplied with Shopify for this purpose.

If your inventory structure is fairly conventional, you should have little, if any problem setting up and configuring inventory with this software. On the other hand, if you need custom fields or other features, you will need to hire a programmer that can work with Liquify. While this language is not especially difficult to learn, you may find it a bit time consuming on top of actually creating and populating inventory fields at setup.

Even though Shopify offers a fairly robust range of security options, you may still need to do some programming in .Liquify in order to customize some features for your own needs. That said, once you learn this particular programming language, you will find security and other customizations easy enough to deal with. You can also check the site for plug-ins that can be used immediately.  Following are standard features included in every Shopify plan:

  • Discount codes and coupons
  • Gift cards
  • Social media integration: Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.
  • Facebook store integration
  • Email marketing
  • 70 payment gateways
  • 100+ professional themes
  • Customize html and CSS
  • Superior analytics dashboard and reporting
  • Mobile shopping
  • Dedicated team support

Tip: Shopify is offering a 14-day Free trial



3dcart logo

Cost to Purchase: Free to Try. Depends on level of package selected. 3dkart offers a plus, premium, and ultimate package.  No setup fees.

All-in-one eCommerce solution: Yes.

Ease of Integration with Bank Gateways: fairly easy.

Can it Be Integrated with Mobile? (Mobile Commerce) Yes.

Does it allow digital downloads? Yes.

Maintenance Requirements: This is one of the perks, as 3dcart handles this.

Is it Easy to Setup? Extremely, but you may need assistance from the company when it comes to configuring preferences and other merchandising tools.

Features: Since 3dcart is an end-to-end ecommerce solution, it can cover everything from merchandising, to mobile, to sales pitches to shipping. This particular software can also track inventory, budgets, multiple currencies, and multiple languages. Aside from that, if you are looking for a shopping cart package that will help marketers target new sales pitches or carry out a range of campaigns, 3dcart can easily integrate sales and inventory into a seamless whole.

3dcart is built on a user-friendly platform, you will find it needs less maintenance than some other shopping cart tools on the market. Needless to say, you will also find customizable fields and other features suitable for just about any inventory reporting and maintenance task. It’s very easy to set up a full SSL secure store in a matter of minutes.

If you are building a fairly complex site, the software also has its own email marketing tools and contact management or CRM (content resource management) interface as well as affiliate management. You are also sure to appreciate a wide range of customizable reports that will help you manage everything from taxes to inventory and shipping. When looking for an all-in-one simplified, and easy to use ecommerce platform that integrates Merchandising, offers and promotions, 3dcart is very tough to beat.  Following are standard features to all 3dcart plans:

  • Choose from over 50 pro templates
  • E-mail newsletters for free
  • SocialCommerce fully integrated with SM
  • mCommerce – fully responsive storefronts
  • FREE Domain Transfer and Registration
  • Multiple Feed Generators (Yahoo, Google,, Shopzilla, NextTag, PriceGrabber)
  • SEO & SEM Campaigns
  • Affiliate Program
  • Coupons, discounts, and gift certificates

Tip: 3dcart is extending ichitect readers a Free 15-day trial



big commerce logo

Cost to Purchase: silver plan $29.95/month, gold plan $79.95/month, platinum plan $199.99/month, for enterprise plan pricing – contact Bigcommerce directly

Ease of Integration with Bank Gateways: usually recommended by most merchant account providers

Can it Be Integrated with Joomla? Yes

Can it be integrated with WordPress? Yes

Maintenance Requirements: As with any other script, you will need to make sure that security patches and other adjustments are upgraded on a regular basis. During this process, you should also make sure that all aspects of the inventory and shopping cart features still function correctly.

Is it Easy to Setup? Even though Bigcommerce is fairly easy to install at the server level, some users find it a bit difficult to set up the inventory. That said, once everything is installed, the program tends to be fairly stable. Overall, both consumers and webmasters prefer Bigcommerce for highly customizable shopping carts as well as other support features.

Features: Bigcommerce offers a shopping cart that is ideal for businesses that need to keep a database filled with hundreds or even thousands of inventory items. It can also keep track of international shipping as well as many other aspects of customer ordering and fulfillment.  Following are standard features for all Bigcommerce plans:

  • Out of the box coupons, discounts, and gift certificates
  • Social shop – set up you facebook shop
  • built-In Blog and SEO features
  • 65 integrated payment gateways like paypal
  • over 150+ single click apps

Aside from all kinds of extensions that make it easy to track inventory, sales, and shipping, Bigcommerce is an industry leader when it comes to providing a safe transaction environment. As long as your web-hosting account is set up with https access and other ecommerce requirements, Bigcommerce will surpass your ecommerce software needs.

Tip: Bigcommerce is offering a 15-day Free trial



Cost to Purchase: Free

Ease of Integration with Bank Gateways: Fairly easy, and recommended by a number of banking institutions.

Can it Be Integrated with Joomla? Yes

Can it be integrated with WordPress? Yes

Maintenance Requirements: Must pay attention to security patches and other upgrades as they are made available on your hosting server.

Is it Easy to Setup? Usually only takes a few minutes to install the main software. Some individuals find it a bit complicated to add inventory items or find the correct extensions.

Features: Can be used with multiple language and currencies as well as many different payment methods. This includes Google wallet, PayPal, and a wide array of shipping methods. The
Shopping cart interface and inventory tracking modules are also fairly easy to customize.

OpenCart works fairly well for businesses that have small to medium sized volume, plus associated inventories. As with any other shopping cart, you can expect it will take up some time to create the overall inventory hierarchy as well as list all of your items within that structure. Since OpenCart also offers shipping tracking features, you will find that stock levels are fairly easy to maintain.

Since the scripts are written in PHP, you can also hire someone to create additional customizations as needed. Today, OpenCart is also known for providing fairly robust security options. This includes SSL and a variety of other features that will make it easier to detect fraud and other issues that might result in chargebacks.



Zencart Ecommerce
Cost to Purchase: Free

Ease of Integration with Bank Gateways: Although some merchant gateway vendors are not familiar with ZenCart, it is still favored by many online business owners.

Can it Be Integrated with Joomla? Yes

Can it be integrated with WordPress? Yes

Maintenance Requirements: must visit the site or check your web host installation panel to manage upgrades and security patches.

Is it Easy to Setup? Most webmasters find ZenCart easier to install and configure than other open source shopping cart solutions.

Features: ZenCart offers a number of native features, as well as plug-ins that make it easy to setup shopping carts in multiple languages as well as manage a wide range of shipping methods. This makes it fairly easy to track inventory as well as ensure that stock levels are correct. Even though ZenCart is a bit less well known than other open source eCommerce solutions, it is truly one of the easiest to setup in terms of inventory development. In fact, if you have a small or medium sized business, you are sure to find ZenCart a bit better than other solutions in this capacity.

If you have never configured a shopping cart, you are also sure to find the training videos very helpful. Most consumers are also fairly happy with the number of customizations they can make to the shopping cart interfaces as well as the kinds of reports that can be generated about sales and shopping patterns. ZenCart also offers a range of tools that make it easy to ensure safe transactions that reduce the risk of identity theft. You will also find this software does a fairly good job of prevent the kinds of problems that might result in charge backs because of fraudulent transactions.



Paypal Ecommerce
Cost to Purchase: Depends on business merchant solution selected. Most solutions come with a fixed transaction fee plus a percent of the transaction. The percent differs based on package selected.

Ease of Integration with Bank Gateways: none. PayPal already offers merchant gateway features at a much lower cost than provided by most banks.

Can it Be Integrated with Joomla? Yes

Can it be integrated with WordPress? Yes

Maintenance Requirements: None.

Is it Easy to Setup? Yes, although you will need to know PHP in order to configure buttons and shopping carts. It will also take some time to get acquainted with inventory and sales tax reports.

Features: When it comes to highly customizable eCommerce solutions, few can rival PayPal. For example, if you have a small business, you can easily generate a single button for each product, or integrate it with a cart provided by the company. Aside from opening a store on the Ebay platform, you can also create your own storefront direct from PayPal. Most customers that use PayPal enjoy being able to create highly configurable carts that can be used with multiple currencies and languages as well as all the services they have come to expect from PayPal.

When it comes to setting up inventory, you can create custom fields as well as manage a wide range of shipping options. In order to configure these scripts, you can also hire a PHP programmer, or simply ask for support from the PayPal helpdesk. Individuals that do not want to manage configuration issues can also ask PayPal to integrate an eCommerce solution on any given website.

As you may be aware, PayPal is one of the most popular merchant gateways in the world. No matter whether you are trying to sell one item or dozens, most people prefer PayPal because it is fast, safe, and efficient. In fact, when you use their solutions, you will always have access to industry leading protocols and tools. This includes a number of tools at the server level designed to prevent fraudulent transactions, as well as all kinds of reports to help you spot any issues in your system.




Cost to Purchase: 30-day Free Trial, Starting at $29 per month depending on the chosen edition (Professional, Premier, and Enterprise).

Ease of Integration with Bank Gateways: Easy – just enter the gateway credentials.

Can it Be Integrated with Joomla? No.

Can it be integrated with WordPress? WordPress/WooCommerce integration coming in April 2014.

Maintenance Requirements: None – AGILIRON takes care of it as part of the subscription.

Is it Easy to Setup? No software installs, completely cloud-based, just connect with a web browser.

Features: The AGILIRON Multi Channel Commerce Suite is a cloud based SaaS solution whose features are compartmentalized in different modules. These modules cover a variety of business processes related to sales, operations, customers, accounting and other critical functions.

The ‘Online Channels’ module helps integrate and manage multiple e-Commerce modules including fully integrated B2B or B2C AGILIRON Web Store(s) hosted by AGILIRON, other Web Store(s) like BigCommerce, Magento, Shopify, and online marketplaces like eBay and Amazon. ‘InStore Channels’ module covers Retail Point of Sale, Direct Sales, and Catalog Sales ensuring comprehensive sales management from multiple InStore sales channels. What this integrated Business Management Suite also does is that it brings the management of multiple commerce channels to the ‘Front-Office’ module for the seamless and real time management of activities like customer support and management, sales, and order processing.

The ‘Back Office’ module helps businesses manage and simplify their product catalog, inventory, order fulfillment payment processing and other back office activities and all this can happen in real time. ‘Business Intelligence’ is another one of its cutting edge modules that gives businesses more visibility into the various aspects of their business by delivering critical data in easily understandable formats. You can track important business metrics that will give you a better idea about the health of your business allowing you to make the necessary improvements to increase profitability. And finally, the ‘Team Collaboration’ module improves the ability of a business to take quick decisions by making available information to all employees from any place at the right time.

Together, these modules and the features they bring to the table make AGILIRON a reliable, results driven and economically feasible proposition for businesses.