Top 7 Email Marketing Services

Top 7 Email Marketing Services

Top 7 Email Marketing Services & Best Email Marketing Tool

The most efficient way to reach out and connect to prospective and current customers is through email marketing. Business owners and online marketers alike can attest to the power of emails, and combining this strategy with other marketing services like social media will simultaneously boost profitability and authority.

A large percentage of the US population stays connected and updated by staying online almost constantly. This Internet connectivity has brought a great deal of convenience, information, and income opportunities to millions of people the world over, and business owners have taken their goods and services online for the simple fact that people this is where people can reached with news and offers. Over 92% of time spent online is used in reading electronic newsletters sent via email. Take advantage of this fact with a highly effective email marketing strategy using some of the best email marketing services today.

A successful email marketing campaign can help you:

  • Increase your sales
  • Significantly reduce marketing expenses
  • Foster healthy customer relations and build loyalty
  • Reduce the duration of your sales cycle
  • Get referrals and grow your customer list further
  • Save time and money through a fully-automated marketing campaign

With an email marketing database management system, you can to achieve all of these goals and more. All you have to do is figure out which email marketing system will work for you and that for your customers as well.

What should be included in your email marketing letter?

Once you have chosen an email marketing service to use for your campaign, you’ll need to come up with the right words to pitch your product, service, or idea. An effective and powerful management system is just the beginning; crafting content for prospects and previous customers is a major challenge in and of itself, so remember that there is no one-size-fits-all letter. Your email marketing service provider will supply you with templates, but you’ll need to fill them in with your own words and images to make your message really pop.

Your letter should include:

  • Important details that will cater to contact needs
  • Special offers and promotional discounts
  • Crucial information regarding upgrades and development on products and services
  • Relevant news about the industry
  • Interesting news and information in your chosen niche
  • Success stories of previous clients

Customers will only purchase your product or service, or invest in your idea, if they see the value in it. To increase your profits and your authority in your markets’ eyes, make sure your email marketing content is full of value propositions.

What to Look for when Selecting an Email Marketing Service Company

When selecting an email or enewsletter service, make sure your service can:

  • Track E-mail response at an individual level (essential for follow-up)
  • Create automated email sequences for event-triggered or behavioral emails
  • Integrate with actions on a website, e.g. search or browse a product category
  • Track campaign response across time and multiple campaigns
  • Integrate response with customer database
  • Manage profiling and subscriptions/unsubscribes
  • Track Bounces, e.g. out-of-office auto-replies
  • Deliver WYSIWYG editing for marketing staff
  • Archive e-newsletters on your web site
  • Provide straightforward broadcasting on social media

Other Features to Look for in an Email Marketing Service

A reliable email marketing service company will offer a diverse range of additional features to its customers and clients. Be sure to look at the list of available features to make your email marketing efforts as effective as possible. Some things to look for are a variety of customizable design templates, the ability to save designs and automate emails for enewsletters and event notices, and the ability to create customized surveys.

Ease of Use/User Friendliness

The creation of an email marketing campaign should be hassle-free and intuitive. With the right email marketing service provider, complete amateurs should be able to build an e-campaign without any difficulty.

Comprehensive Analytic Reporting

A good email marketing service will include analytic reporting capability to track responsive statistics on the health of your email marketing campaign. Standard reports will track  how many people open your email (and specifically identify them), how many emails bounced or couldn’t be delivered, how many links in your email were clicked (and by whom), and provide comparisons to industry averages.

Customer support

It goes without saying that any email marketing service company should provide responsive and friendly customer care representatives to assist you with technical concerns and to impart product/service knowledge to you so that you can optimize your service membership.  This is a vital part of the campaign creation process, especially for first-timers—make sure you can get support if you run into problems.

Choosing an Email Marketing Service Provider

With hundreds of solutions to choose from, selecting the right email marketing service partner can be overwhelming. We’ve narrowed down the list to what we feel are the best 7 in this industry, all of which offer a variety of features and benefits at reasonable prices. We’re pretty sure that whatever you’re looking for in an email marketing campaign and in a service provider will be found in the following list.


top email marketing services

AWeber boasts over 600 mobile responsive free email templates available to clients using their system, and they offer a variety of help and support systems—they even provide a free campaign strategy consultation for newly-subscribed clients. Customers also have access to a library of online resources including a vast number of tutorial videos, in person seminars, and phone support providing detailed information about every step in the process of creating a highly-effective marketing campaign. 

AWeber features multiple list segments, preferences management, signup forms, social networking sign up forms,  and many other list management service options. Emails sent using AWeber may come in a variety of forms, including scheduled newsletters on a weekly or monthly basis. This email service also offers social network delivery options, a feature that is relatively rare among many email marketing providers and database management systems. AWeber is also designed to be compatible with Google Analytics, Drupal-based content management systems, and other software and services that can be used to maximize the marketing knowledge you gain from your campaigns.





top Email Marketing Services

iContact is another strong competitor if you’re looking for a reliable and reputable email marketing service company to work with. The company is proud of maintaining an impressively higher deliverability rate compared to its rivals. iContact will take your emails beyond the inbox. Pricing for the five packages they offer is also very competitive, and each includes nearly 300 free templates. Delivery options come in three forms: email, monthly newsletters, and social network delivery, and iContact boasts integration with content management systems including Joomla, SalesForce, and Drupal. Unlike many competitors, iContact offers a 30-day free trial period which features just about the same enhancements and integrations as their premium packages.




Constant Contact

top email marketing companies

Constant Contact is ideal for small organizations and startup businesses that seek to build customer relationships through an email marketing campaign. If you want to attract new customers, increase repeat business, and build a longer referrals list, you’ll find ConstactContact’s features and interface helpful and easy to use.  A new cool feature is Constant Contact’s All-in-One email marketing toolkit that integrates email, social, mobile, and web interfaces.

With over 400 email marketing templates to choose from, you are bound to find one that matches your products, services, brand identity, and marketing goals. Constant Contact database management systems are integrated with content management systems such as Google Analytics, Joomla, and SalesForce, making it easy to do more advanced tracking.  Were you aware that nonprofits can save up to 30% off on Constant Contact email marketing services?  You can try all the latest features included in premium Constant Contact campaigns free for 60 days.




top email marketing services

SendinBlue has one of the most comprehensive and impressive list of features, which is why many prefer their email marketing services to alternative leading email marketing companies.  All plans include the following capabilities:

 • Contact Management – Importing Files, Dynamic Lists, Contact Segmentation
• Creation – Intuitive Newsletter Creator, HTML Editor, Drag and Drop Tool
• Sending – Checking of Spam, SMS Shipments, Dedicated IP Address
• Campaign Tracking – Exporting Data, Real-Time Statistics, etc.
• Transactional Emails – SendinBlue SMTP, Transactional Email Templates
• Integration – APIs, Plugins
• E-Commerce – Import Customer Orders, Trigger Marketing, etc.

There are plenty of pricing options to choose from depending on your budget, and if you aren’t ready to commit completely, you can always tryout SendinBlue’s free plan first. With this no-cost package, you can get up to 9,000 emails for free every month.




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Amplify your email campaigns by using Campaigner’s “share bar” to add social sharing links within your emails. Campaigner advanced reporting provides insight into campaign views on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+, the impact on customers, and the success of sharable email campaigns.

Campaigner offers quickly and easily access your Campaigner email marketing account from any iOS device to check the status of your email campaigns, add or delete subscribers or get campaign reports while on the go.

All plans include these standard features:

• Target segmented lists to achieve higher ROIs
• A/B split test to send the best results
• Leverage automations for your drip campaigns
• Responsive design email templates – mobile device friendly
• Weekly “Getting Started” webinar which can help you get your campaigns up and running
• Powerful Mail segmentation tools

Email marketing with Campaigner helps you turn your contact lists into customers with their easy to use software interface – and turn emails into revenue with their extensive email marketing educational tools.




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One of the most popular email marketing companies in recent years is MailChimp. This email marketing provider delivers a variety of services and an abundance of useful templates and integration tools that add convenience to the use of their email marketing campaigns. Like many competitors, MailChimp has five pricing options that customers can choose from.There are 24 free email templates from MailChimp. Though this is quite a bit fewer than the number of templates offered by other email marketing service companies, but you will be delighted to know that all of these templates are largely customizable and have proven time and again to be effective in reaching target audiences and attracting new subscribers. MailChimp provides email support, free resources, live chat support, and online training to its subscribers.

MailChimp is a distinguished member of Email Experience Council and Messaging Anti-Abuse Working Group, proof that MailChimp follows and upholds the highest industry standards. MailChimp makes use of content management system integrations including Drupal, Google Analytics, Joomla, Magento, SalesForce, WordPress, and Zencart, allowing you to optimize newsletters and track results with greater ease and convenience.An additional feature MailChimp offers to its clients is the Free forever package that includes 1000 free contacts and up to 6000 free emails on a monthly basis. In this package, subscribers are also given the ability to use Windows Live Writer Integration and Template Language. And there’s a bonus: you can sign up for MonkeyRewards.  Send MailChimp a new customer and they’ll add $30 in credits to your account, as well as the new account of the person you referred. It’s a win/win situation.



Benchmark Email

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Benchmark is known for its first-class service for sending out professionally made emails and invitations to your subscription list. The pricing options vary and largely depend on the number of people that you have included in your list, thus you are up for big savings when you enroll in any of their packages. What makes Benchmark unique is that they offer to do all the work for you at $150 per month. It may not be the cheapest price, but you are guaranteed to see the best results with their integrated tools and highly innovative email marketing strategies.

You will create eye-popping and highly attractive newletters, emails, triggered campaigns, and even video email marketing presentations using up to 400 templates created by Benchmark for its subscribers. Additional features from Benchmark include polls and surveys, real-time reporting, information blog on websites, free email marketing guides, manuals, and up to 10MB free of image hosting and unlimited email archiving.  Most of these added features cannot be seen among Benchmark competitors.If you manage a non-profit organization, take advantage of the great discounts or the standard 30-day free trial period for start up businesses and online organizations too.