Top 10 Joomla Hosting

Top 10 Joomla Hosting

Top 10 Joomla Hosting and Best Joomla Hosting

A content management system or CMS, Joomla is a software program that has garnered critical acclaim in the form of various awards for its plug-n-play, ease of use interface.  May this be in the form of videos, pictures, audio books, commentaries and pictures, Joomla allows you to have total control of your website’s content and to be able to properly manage with ease. This program is especially suited to those who aren’t computer savvy or technically adept in terms of advanced computer literacy.

From personal websites to corporate websites, online magazines, e-commerce sites, community thread websites, and very many others, Joomla removes the technical obstacles to constructing a website from scratch. In the past you needed to hire a professional to create a high grade website from scratch that will show your site to the world. This process would cost a lot of money in creating the website. Another fee would have to be spent in managing the website. The costs of these services were the biggest disadvantages in those times as you really had to spend in getting a good website running properly without glitches.

Extremely easy to set up, use, and maintain, Joomla answered many prayers in its creation as companies needed no longer hire a professional to create a professional website for their information, commerce, and trade. You were now able to create a professional grade website made simple by this software program. Joomla allowed you to handle and manage your media management, language input, information, search in-site, web link management, and content management efficiently. Some benefits that Joomla offers its users are the ability of the public to be able to comment and merge other content into the website’s content. Much like a public forum that allows members to post just about anything, Joomla allows you to manage your website like that of a forum. Another great advantage of using Joomla is that you are able to customize the website to your liking and preferences, which made you able to creatively express your artistic side in creating a web site perfectly suited to your liking.

Benefits of Joomla

Using Joomla software had given users so many benefits in creating the best suited website that they can conjure up with ease and efficiency. Among the benefits in using Joomla are: the ease and efficiency in creating a great website in a matter of minutes. Your website that is visually stimulating to a third person and may even give them the impression that the website that they are looking at belongs to that of a successful company that has much wealth and resources. This will give clients a good basis to do business with your company just because your website looks professional and legitimately reputable.

Ease and Accessibility

The ease of creating a website using the Joomla software is among one of its greatest benefits. The software completely guides you into creating your website without having to second guess if you chose the right interphase or control. It also gives you many layouts to choose from complete with a tutorial video as well as a beginner’s guide on using the program. This is a good benefit since you want your website to look as professional and attractive as possible.

Customer Interaction

Using the Joomla software allows you to learn more about the software’s complete scope of use as you are able to interact with the other users. This means you can ask all the questions that you need to in order to further your understanding about the capabilities of this program. For improving your scope of interacting with worldwide users, you can incorporate different languages in your website. This will help the world know more about what your company offers and what your company is about in their native language will be a great help in broadening your customer scope.


In using this software program, you are aided by a growing number of extensions that will aid the user in updating their website in any way that they choose. In the ever-changing need for supply and demand, changing your website to fit the times will greatly assist you in keeping your website in accordance to what the people demand. You will be able to keep track of the new trends and developments that you may be able to create a great business opportunity for yourself and your company.

What to Consider in Picking a Joomla Host

Picking a Joomla host has its specificity that you have to be aware of when choosing. The first things that you should look for has to do with price, size, storage and bandwidth which is what most of these hosts have a lot to offer. So choosing one host should be easy enough as most of them offer practically similar benefits and advantages. Below are a group of the best web hosts in the market:

Top 10 Joomla Hosting Providers


Hostgator business Hosting

This Joomla software combines the best of both worlds as it combines many features of personal and multinational benefits found in a Joomla software program. For the price of $3.96 per month you will avail of the unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited sub-domains, plus site-building tools, 24/7 technical support, and instant backups.



Rochen Hosting


This host is more suited for blogs and personal homepages. For the price of $8.95 will get you 1GB of protected storage, 50GB of premium data transfer, one domain, multiple daily backups, and unlimited email.




Justhost Business Hosting

As a beginner in the world of Joomla Hosting, using Justhost will be perfect in getting the nuances of this Joomla hosting figured out. It offers many of the benefits and advantages found in Joomla software programs as well as a money back guarantee that will give you back your investment if you are not happy with the product. It also gives you unlimited disk space, unlimited transfer, unlimited domain hosting, unlimited e-mail, and free domain name registration. This software is yours for low price of $6.95 per month.

Exclusive offer from just host, $2.75 per month – unlimited websites plus $200 in Free ad credits





This Joomla software program is among one of the pricier softwares because of its high track record of hosting Joomla websites that concentrate more on the business multinational websites. It has an “Uptime Guarantee” that credits back your payments depending on the percentage of uptime and comes with a one gigabyte ram, twenty gigabytes of disk space, and unlimited e-mail address storage with ten gigabytes per domain. This software is yours for the considerably low price of $19.95 per month.





Is another Joomla hosting software that offers unlimited disk space, bandwidth, websites, and back up. You may choose to use the server location closest to you and your website’s visitors, which Site-5 will automatically create a new tree for each new account that your website garners.





this software garnered the “world’s number one green web hosting program”. Hosting plans start at $4.95 per month and give you unlimited disk storage, unlimited domains, free domain name for the life of the account, as well as many other advantages.





This software is among one of the developer friendly programs that is very easy and stimulating to use in creating your website. For $7.00 per month you get unlimited disk space, unlimited monthly data transfer, unlimited domains, free domain name for life, and a handful of SEO and statistic analysis tools.




bluehost logo

Bluehost  is among the most famous service providers in the market. It’s sales continue to grow at 20,000 new customers per month which is a good indication as to how effective this Joomla software is. Priced at $6.99 per month for three years, you are able to get the unlimited disk space, domain hosting, email, and multiple ten gigabyte ethernet connections as well as a 24/7 network monitoring and customer service center with the anytime money back guarantee.




ipage small business hosting

this Joomla software is also known for being user friendly. You get unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited domains, and unlimited email addresses are partnered with a knack for ecommerce in the forms of free online shopping tools and $200 in free advertising credit. For the price of $6.99, you will be able to avail of all these benefits and advantages.

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Is considered the best program for Joomla. At the cheapest price of $3.95 per month, Siteground offers you Unlimited web space and bandwidth, multiple domain names, free blog and ecommerce tools, unlimited email, and 24/7 live customer service. The setup is absolutely free with a minimum twelve month commitment and this software elegantly meshes the advantages and benefits of a personal website as well as a website built for a multinational company. Along with its absurdly low price, Siteground has been the go-to of Joomla websites in the market.

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