Top 6 Online Fax Services

Top 6 Online Fax Services

Top 6 Online Fax Services and Best Online Fax

Online Fax Nowadays, companies can rely on online fax services to deliver their important documents on time with efficiency and clarity to boot. The process makes use of the high speed internet that we all have come to live by. The hard copy or the primary document which is typed or hand written is converted to a digital file type known as a PDF and is transferred by the use of e-mailing. This means that we use our network connections, either the Local Area Network or the Wide Area Network as the means to send e mails efficiently at no cost non-whatsoever. This is assuming that the fax machine in the receiving end is capable of working with this technology. Now if the machine on the other end was more primitive then you will only be able to send a soft copy or a virtual copy of your document to the other company’s e-mail address. You are still able to send the document except that they will have to find their own means of printing the document for them to obtain a hard copy. In online faxing, you are able to use multiple mediums such as tablets, laptops, and iPads to send your various documents online to a receiving fax machine. The process is very efficient due to the speed and the accounting of documents. The efficiency of the transaction, which is brought about by the current internet speed that we all enjoy allows the fax to be sent and received in a matter of seconds. The receiving fax machine is able to keep an accurate accounting of all the fax documents sent by using tools such as fax storage and logs for managing faxes. This way business firms are able to track all of the faxes sent and receive which allows for minimum errors in business transactions.

Benefits of Online Fax Services

Efficient Communication Online fax services bring about a very speedy and efficient line of communications. It allows for the exchange of documents and transactions which is brought about by the speed of the internet. The internet speed that we have come to know brings the advantage of being able to accurately send documents that come out visually clear and also allows us to communicate back and forth in dealing and finalizing our business transactions. No Costs In using the services of online faxing, you are able to communicate freely, efficiently and most importantly; no cost. The costs of transferring data are already covered by your internet service provider so you can communicate your deals and transactions at your perusal without having to worry about spending a dime for international rates in calling overseas. Efficient Transactions The use of online faxing does not require you to install softwares that are tedious to work and figure out how to use. The documents that you send are converted into PDF formats and are sent via the internet. The speed of today’s net allows you to transfer multiple faxes and documents simultaneously as well as to communicate your transactions via phone or e-mail. Take note that you do not have to spend to do this. Accessibility The use of online faxing allows you to send your documents and transactions anywhere from your home to an internet café. As long as you can access the internet, you will be able to efficiently send your documents securely to any destination. This is beneficial to those whose jobs require them to be on constant movement from destination to destination. All that is needed is to connect online to do this. In this day and age wherein WIFI is available everywhere, you will be able to send your transactions. This proves as an advantageous facet in business communications as you are able to liaise your deals just about anywhere at any time. Environment Friendly Online fax services are a friendly help to our natural resources because the days of needing actual paper to send our deals and transactions have been taken over by a service that you do not need to use real paper. Everything is done virtually so that our trees are preserved to the point wherein we do not maximize the needless use of paper and ink. We may finalize our deals using these online services that need not use excessive paper to send back signatures that finalize transactions. All that is needed is to scan these signed documents and send via e-mail or online fax. Security of Documents Online fax services secure your documents properly, so much so that it keeps the confidentiality and security of the transaction. These services encrypt these documents so that the deal is done without risk of corruption or theft.

Top 6 Online Fax Services

eFax efax logoAs the name may suggest, eFax works by sending faxes that are addressed to you directly to your computer, laptop, tablet, or smart phone, as opposed to a fax machine where information may be left out in the open for prying eyes to ogle. It’s a process that is safe, secure, and since it takes away the need to print out things like cover sheets and whatnot, environmentally friendly. eFax also comes equipped with an outgoing fax option. All you need is a scanner, and you’re good to go. Tip: You can send and receive up to 150 faxes per month for FREE.  If you generally send or receive more than 150 faxes per month – eFax is offering a 30-Day Free Trial . Visit:
RingCentral Ringcentral VOIPThis internet fax service allows you to send your documents anywhere in the world which is advantageous for those who run a multi-national company that requires deals to be done and finalized overseas. RingCentral’s vfax service offers you many more benefits but this only happens to those who become members to this online service. Some benefits in joining this service is that you get your fax through your own e-mail account, your own custom fax sheet, as well as many more.Tip: RingCentral is offering a Free trial of their complete internet fax service and 25% off any six month plan.  Plans start at $6.95 per month.Visit:
Nextiva Nextiva logo Nextiva is ideal for anyone looking for web-based fax as well as a range of phone services. Each plan can be easily integrated into large and small scale offices as well as residential or home locations. Their service is uncomplicatedly priced for consumers that want a simple monthly arrangement without having to worry about hidden fees. Tip: Nextiva is offering a complete virtual fax plan for $4.95 and a Free trial for those seeking to try it on before buying. Visit: logo This online fax service allows you to send online faxes to over fifty countries including the USA, Canada, India, France, Greece, Australia and many more. You can send fax message as well as e-documents thru your computer. Tip: is offering 10% off virtual fax plans and a 30-Day Free Trial. Visit:
Send2Fax send2fax logo This online fax service is recommended for those who have the need to fax using their mobile telephones. Mobile units such as iPhones, androids, and BlackBerry’s are compatible for this online service. This is a digital fax machine in your pocket, as you are able to scan, fax and print anywhere. Especially if your job allows you to travel all over the world, then this service is beneficial for you. The process allows you to take a picture of the document and be able to send it anywhere and anyone. The service will convert the picture into a PDF file and send it to the e-mail address that they will provide for you. Tip: Send2Fax offer free and fee-based plans – you can try-on their complete internet fax service Free for 30-days Visit:
MyFax myfax logo Last but not least, this service allows you to send a fax daily to about over forty countries including United States, Canada, India, Japan, China, Australia among many others. The service allows you to upload a file from your computer and send it to these different countries. The file must not exceed ten megabites in size and contain a maximum of ten pages per fax. Visit: