Top 10 Project Management Tools

Top 10 Project Management Tools

Top 10 Online Project Management Tools & Best Cloud Project Management

Projects are more than a task list—they are living, breathing workspaces where team members and stakeholders come together to get the information they need to work better. From documents to updates to issues to staffing, you need a top online project management tool to blow your business competitors out of the water with increased efficiency.

Your visibility into your work is only as good as the uniformity of your team’s processes. A top online project management tool should give you visibility into a select portfolio of projects and how they’re performing and competing for the same time, budget, and resources.

These project templates should let your team get projects set up faster and in a way that will fit like a glove with the rest of your projects. A premier online project management tool will have portfolio management tools that allow you to see how your portfolio is performing as a group or as individual programs and projects.

Here’s our guide to the top 10 online project management tools:


Genius Project

Genius Project
Cost: 29.00 per user
Best Suited For: Small, midsized, and enterprise level businesses
Basic Features: Genius project includes a wide range of collaboration tools designed to help you bring basic ideas through the entire process from inception to marketing. Templates are available that include risk management algorithms as well as a wide range of reports for time and financial management.
Time Management Tools: Scheduling and time tracking, task assignment, capacity planning.
Financial Management Tools: Budgeting, financing, invoicing, cost projections, and request management.
Collaboration Tools: Private forums, change alerts, and messages make it easy to track a wide range of documents that can be appended to just about any point in the project.
Platforms Integrated With: Salesforce, a range of accounting programs, MS Outlook and MS Project.
Mobile Ready? Yes
Other Notes: Genius Project is ideal for businesses that need to access a wide range of budget and sales tools in a setting where new ideas can easily be integrated. No matter whether you are upgrading an existing product, creating a whole new series, or need to take your business in a new direction, this platform will make it easy to plan each step with confidence.


Cost: Starts at 9.00 per month
Best Suited For: Can be used by small companies through mid-sized conventional businesses.
Basic Features: Multi-language capable, emphasis on cloud based workspace, ideal for businesses that need to go beyond SCRUM to create flexible teams to maximize delivery.
Time Management Tools: Assign tasks and use a variety of reports to track them.
Financial Management Tools: Budgeting, cost analysis, sales, and a robust array of accounting tools. You can also use spreadsheets and other tracking documents for short term or long term collaboration use.
Collaboration Tools: Messaging, whiteboards and other collaboration tools for meetings and simple real time adjustments that can be easily tracked.
Platforms Integrated With: Depends on plan selected.
Mobile Ready? Yes
Other Notes: Assembla is ideal for small business owners that need to provide a single meeting point for all employees, regardless of their location. Task and time management tools make it easy to generate a common focus as well as ensure that everyone has the information they need to complete any given task.


Cost: 20.00 per user
Best Suited For: Medium sized to enterprise level businesses.
Basic Features: A range of templates and tools that make it easy to generate ideas, and then advance them as quickly as possible through developmental stages and finally into production and sales cycles. No matter whether you are looking to integrate staff members from around the world or right in your own building, Tenrox makes it easy to communicate and maintain a cohesive focus on any given project.
Time Management Tools: Task assignment and tracking tools, day planners, time budgeting and capacity maximization tools.
Financial Management Tools: A wide array of budgeting, risk assessment, invoicing, and purchase planning modules. You can also make use of a number of reports to evaluate time/financial cost tradeoffs.
Collaboration Tools: Real time chat, whiteboards, live document changes, messages, and email updates.
Platforms Integrated With: MS Project and Outlook, Salesforce, a number of accounting programs, and API customization available.
Mobile Ready? Yes.
Other Notes: Tenrox is ideal for businesses that need to address a wide range of tasks in order to get the most efficiency out of any team effort. Since the platform is also fairly easy to navigate, it is ideal for companies where staff members may have less computer experience than required with other platforms.


Cost: Onetime fee of 249.00 to 499.00 depending on whether you choose business or corporate package, plus yearly upgrade fees ranging from 99 to 199.00
Best Suited For: Small to medium sized businesses.
Basic Features: standard collaboration and project management tools. There are also a number o modules dedicated to templates that can be used to get projects created and running faster.
Time Management Tools: Standard calendars, task assignment, goal tracking, and time/capacity budgeting assessment
Financial Management Tools: Invoicing, payment schedules, cost planners, risk assessment, and collaborative spreadsheets.
Collaboration Tools: Online chat, conferencing, message boards, forums, and message notes on most documents.
Platforms Integrated With: Depends on package selected.
Mobile Ready? Yes
Other Notes: No matter whether you need to arrange notebooks full of complex information or create a short task list for a smaller goal, Active Collab makes it easy to achieve these goals without losing sight of the main project focus. This includes making sure that each person on the team can stay on track regardless of geographic location.


Cost: 39.95 per user
Best Suited For: Small businesses
Basic Features: standard collaboration tools as well as a wide range of sales tracking tools. It also offers the kinds of risk assessment tools that are rarely available for small businesses. Many people that use AtTask also find the customized fields and report integration far better than found on other platforms.
Time Management Tools: Task assignment and tracking, capacity evaluation and management, and team goal setting.
Financial Management Tools: budgeting, invoicing, purchasing quotes, payment monitoring and risk assessment.
Collaboration Tools: robust chat, messaging, document change tracking, and white board functions.
Platforms Integrated With: Custom API, MS Outlook and MS Project, Salesforce, and various accounting programs.
Mobile Ready? Yes.
Other Notes: AtTask provides a wide range of tools that can easily be scaled for small businesses. Many freelance based companies as well as small businesses with conventional inventories and product development needs find this platform suitable for their needs.

Central Desktop

Cost: starts at 99.00 per month, but costs more for large and enterprise level businesses.
Best Suited For: medium to large companies
Basic Features: basic collaboration tools plus customizable database and full cloud platform integration. Central Desktop is also known for reliable and fast servers that make it very easy to communicate with team members throughout the world.
Time Management Tools: task assignment and tracking within goal modules. Customizable reports that make it easy to assess team capacity and time/productivity/cost tradeoffs.
Financial Management Tools: a wide range of tools to aid with budgeting, purchasing, risk assessment, cost analysis, and sales development.
Collaboration Tools: messaging services, white boards, video conferencing, real time message collaboration and editing on a wide range of documents, easily develop presentations and graphs.
Platforms Integrated With: depends on package selected
Mobile Ready? Yes
Other Notes: Even though Central Desktop can be a bit more expensive than other options, it does have a very streamlined and efficient interface. It is also ideal for businesses that need to complete complex evaluations in a short period of time based on database level details as opposed to a simple spreadsheet level. That said, you can also still use spreadsheets for both planning and budgeting with this software.


Cost: 24.95 per person
Best Suited For: All levels of business from small teams to large scale enterprises.
Basic Features: Clarizen offers the standard project management tools combined with a wide range of modules that can be easily customized. This includes custom fields that can easily be integrated into standard reports, as well as many different collaboration methods that make it easy to communicate and keep track of each project as it evolves and moves forward.
Time Management Tools: Easily assign tasks and track completion of goals with a range of reports and lists. You can also easily track scheduling and capacity in order to make sure that all resources are maximized as efficiently as possible.
Financial Management Tools: Modules include risk assessment reports, budgeting, invoicing, quotations, and vouchers, and projection tools.
Collaboration Tools: message tracking for documents, white boards, notebooks, chat, and assorted other communication tools that make it easy to meet in real time, or simply record valuable ideas from any location at any time.
Platforms Integrated With: MS Outlook and MS Project, Salesforce, accounting software, and API customization.
Mobile Ready? Yes
Other Notes: Clarizen is perfect for new companies, as well as established ones that will grow rapidly, or experience sudden changes in size. Unlike a number of other project management programs, this one can easily accommodate the needs of a small company as well as it can an enterprise.


Cost: starts at 1200
Best Suited For: large to enterprise level companies dedicated to producing written media
Basic Features: all of the tools you will need to create effective content and then market it to a wide range of businesses. This includes tools that make it easy to find out what kinds of information are of interest to people as well as how to generate content that ensures a higher return on investment for each piece of content.
Time Management Tools: standard task and goal setting modules. Additional time management tools for writers as well as teams that are working to complete a specific project.
Financial Management Tools: budgeting, invoicing, risk assessment, and cost projections.
Collaboration Tools: web based chat, message boards, and white boards to help generate the best content in the shortest period of time.
Platforms Integrated With: depends on package selected.
Mobile Ready? Depends on package.
Other Notes: KaPost is dedicated specifically to writers and writing houses. Businesses that focus on producing aggregate news feeds, large volumes of product descriptions, and affiliate marketers with several websites will all find KaPost fairly useful. Some of company’s customers include CBS, Verizon, Nokia, Intel, and Fortune Magazine.

Easy Projects

Cost: 17.00 per month per person
Best Suited For: small to medium sized businesses
Basic Features: a full range of collaboration tools that include easy document sharing, customizable dashboard, and the ability to clone existing projects into new ones. You can also use project templates and an enriched collaboration center to create a seamless flow of information.
Time Management Tools: standard task assignment and tracking tools as well as tools to create goals and flow charts. You can also make use of modules that allow you to evaluate the capacity of any given human or machine based asset in order to gain the most efficiency.
Financial Management Tools: budgeting, risk assessment, invoicing, and purchase quote modules.
Collaboration Tools: chat, message boards, white boards, and conferencing tools.
Platforms Integrated With: MS Project, MS Outlook, various accounting programs, and API customization available.
Mobile Ready? Yes
Other Notes: Easy Projects is ideal for anyone that has never used project management tools. You can easily create new projects, and then populate them with valuable information even as you are still building the basic structure of the project. Even though this software is not designed for enterprise level companies, it may be suitable for small side projects that may not readily fit into larger planning software systems.


Cost: free
Best Suited For: small to medium sized companies
Basic Features: advanced social network functions combined with standard collaboration tools
Time Management Tools: assign tasks, track capacity, and develop goal lists.
Financial Management Tools: budgeting and project tracking reports.
Collaboration Tools: everything from polls and blog posts to white boards, message feeds, chat, and document change tracking.
Platforms Integrated With: N/A
Mobile Ready? Yes
Other Notes: Ideal for individuals that prefer a social oriented platform that encourages communication and creative expression.

Featured New Project Management Tool


Cost: 4 different per month pricing packages of $15, $49, $99 and $149 with 10% rebate on each if a user opts for annual payment for the specific package. One free plan also available for lifetime for managing one project.
Best Suited For: All kinds of businesses small, medium and large sized.
Basic Features: It has got tools for project management like To-do’s, labels, subtasks, dashboard and file sharing and for communication and collaboration among remotely located teams like private messages, online discussions.
Time Management Tools: Tracking of time spent over tasks through timesheets, monitoring of events and milestones through calendar and timely intimation of due dates of tasks through email notifications.
Financial Management Tools: None
Collaboration Tools: Sharing of ideas and views among collaborators can be achieved through notes which can be used for developing some great content. Its inbuilt browser chat feature enables team members to raise questions, seek solutions and share tips and get quick answers and feedback in real time without the need to log into multiple third party tools for the same. Its proofing tool allows rapid communication and collaboration among designers and their clients which helps in fast and accurate proofing of designs and graphics.
Platforms Integrated With: Google Drive and Dropbox
Mobile Ready: Yes
Other Notes: ProofHub is ideal for businesses who are looking for scheduled and streamlined management over projects and want these managed within the constraints of time, budget and resources. It helps team members to work collaboratively and improves their productivity at work. It suits freelancers, startups and established business houses who want successful and timely accomplishment of their projects and achieve the specific goals and objectives associated with them.