Top 10 Web Hosting for Small Businesses

Top 10 Web Hosting for Small Businesses

Top 10 Small Business Web Hosting & Best Web Host for Business

The important function of the Internet in a company’s continuous success is impossible without the help of a reliable business web hosting company in place. In this article, we will review the best web hosting companies that specialize in assisting small businesses establish their brand as well as products and services online.

Web hosting enables business owners to put up their own website for all the world to see. It is important to bear in mind that a large chunk of the population seeks for the products and services they need from websites. Modern consumers value and patronize companies that exert effort in establishing their presence in the World Wide Web as opposed to those who prefer to stay offline. If you own a start-up company and desire faster brand awareness and continuous flow of revenues, you should well consider obtaining web hosting services from a reputable company.

Aside from facilitating website creation and development, web hosting service companies are email providers too. In order for improvements to happen in the online platform, small businesses need feedback and responses from customers. A company with their own website and email address for customers to send their reviews as well as feedbacks to will help in further improvement of various aspects of the business. With constant web development, small companies are guaranteed to meet the needs of their target audience, which in turn creates loyalty and even attract more customers to their website!

It is always ideal to hire professionals when planning to create a website for your small, but highly-promising business. With the expertise of a web hosting company, you will gain the ability of running an online site that features a plethora of information in various mediums such as images, video presentations, and audio files among others.

A web hosting service will enable you to share to the world your business products and services and even ideas and opinions through the World Wide Web. The main purpose of web hosting providers is to deliver their respective customers with the much needed server space on which clients can store information in various forms.

Another function that web hosting companies play is to provide its customers with adequate bandwidth to ensure that their website will handle traffic, regardless of how many individuals visit your site on a regular basis.

Web hosting companies which offer their service packages to small businesses also present data on which types of customers are gaining entry to your website and the length of time they stay in your website as well. The information gathered are extremely useful in evaluation which online business marketing strategies should be put into place to further increase sales and enhance customer satisfaction as well.

Web hosting companies for small businesses include features which allow customers to make use of relevant content management systems. This allows customers to build a website according to their personal preferences and standards. Clients are also allowed the opportunity to create their own databases; tools that are simply indispensable to start-up business owners. Other highly relevant features that are included by business hosting companies are shopping carts for ecommerce sites, online forums, virtual consumer communities and live chat panels which increase the functionality of an online website. By establishing clear paths of communication, customers are more likely to support the products and services that you offer through your business online.

With all these crucial features and advantages of obtaining professional service from web hosting companies, it is quite obvious that picking a company which also complement your business and personal needs will make web creation, design, and maintenance a seamless and flawless undertakings.

Top 10 business hosting websites well suited for small to medium businesses:



Top 10 Web Hosting for Small Businesses

InMotion is undoubtedly one of the best hosting company for small businesses. The company was originally designed to cater to small to medium-scale businesses that need expert assistance in web creation, development, and maintenance.  InMotion as over twelve years in the web hosting business and has built a reputation as a highly reliable and affordable web hosting company. They commit to 99.99% uptime and guarantee its feasibility promise with the help of two data centers and up to 4,000 web servers for its long list of clientele. Aside from its remarkable hosting abilities, InMotion takes pride in its ultra-fast loading speed. The software and technical support employed by the company is of premium quality as proven by 98.92% overall satisfaction of its long-time customers.

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Top 10 Web Hosting for Small Businesses

JustHost is exactly what small businesses need to enhance their popularity as well as profitability on the long haul. With tons of cool and innovative features as well as superb customer service, no wonder many small and start up enterprises all seek the expertise of JustHost. They offer s a shared hosting plan, which means customers with a rather small budget can still make use of essential premium tools for website building and development.  The unlimited amount of disk space and bandwidth makes it one of the more affordable web hosting companies to deal with.JustHost boasts one of the most user-friendly cPanel around so you can go about with developing your website with relative ease.

In terms of reliability, JustHost is proud of its 99.99% uptime guarantee or your money back! Excellent uptime percentage ensures that your customers will be able to gain access to your website at any time of day! If you desire continuous flow of traffic and revenues, you should take any of the JustHost web hosting packages for a spin.

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Top 10 Web Hosting for Small Businesses

BlueHost is one of the more established web hosting companies that cater to small and even large companies. One of the veterans in the hosting industry, BlueHost has been delivering outstanding service to its customers since 2006. Redundant servers and highly-resilient backups guarantee customers 99.99% uptime and accessibility of the websites for their long list of customers. With a good reputation in keeping customers satisfied with their reliable help and support team, small businesses will surely get the results they need when signing up for a BlueHost web hosting plan.

Unlimited features are offered in all of their plans, customers take advantage of unlimited disk space bandwidth, domain hosting, email accounts, FTP accounts, and MySQL databases.Extra features such as SSL certificates, dedicated IP address, and domain name privacy are all worthwhile for small businesses who aim in developing a good reputation and authority online. The customized cpanel is user friendly and intuitive, so customers really do not have to worry about difficulties in making changes to their website.

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Top 10 Web Hosting for Small Businesses

iPage offers the best web hosting solution for beginners and owners of small companies.   With highly innovative features and tools, you can definitely create a beautifully-crafted website that is highly accessible to your target audience anytime with iPage hosting. One of the many features that makes iPage stand out from its rivals is  their excellent uptime guarantee. iPage ensures a highly secure and safe server for your website that is well known to stand up to  breaches and hacker attacks.Unlimited features included in an iPage are as follows:

  • unlimited bandwidth
  • unlimited disk space
  • unlimited domains
  • unlimited FTP accounts, FTP manager, and secure FTP
  • unlimited MySQL Databases

iPage has its own custom-built control panel as well. iPage showcases powerful marketing feature such as blog set-up wizard, template-based site builder, photo gallery wizard and website stat tools which enable customers to check out various stats relevant to the growth and profitability assessment of their respective businesses. iPage web hosting is well worth your serious consideration.

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Top 10 Web Hosting for Small Businesses

HostGator offers the best value to small businesses due to its superior customer service and top-of-the-line web hosting features at packages that suit even the most limited of budgets. One of the distinct packages offered by HostGator is its pay-as-you-go or web hosting on demand. Instead of paying a recurring monthly bill, you are only required to pay the amount of space and bandwidth you were able to utilize within an interval of time.In terms of security, HostGator can guarantee protection of your websites against threatening attacks from hackers and DDOs with its extremely reliable custom firewall rule and large mod security system in place.As mentioned, the most ideal package that can be initially used by small businesses is their pay-as-you-go plan which delivers the same tools and features found on standard HostGator web hosting packages.

Small business will enjoy abundant disk space and bandwidth, up to 4,500 templates for website building, and even one-click script installs too. HostGator control panel for customers is extremely user-friendly so even beginners will not have a hard time in managing their website with HostGator.  Additional features from HostGator include integration of shopping carts, web-based file management , helpful SEO tips, tutorials, and 24/7 customer support too!

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Top 10 Web Hosting for Small Businesses

GoDaddy is the largest web hosting company in the market.   Affordability and reliability are  two standard benefits  you can depend on from GoDaddy.Notable additional  features found in GoDaddy hosting packages are as follows:

  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Disk space offered up to 10GB+
  • Offered domains range between 100 to 1000
  • Up to 10 MySQL databases
  • Proprietary easy-to-use control panel

With an uptime guarantee of 99.99%, you won’t go wrong with choosing a GoDaddy web hosting service plan. The quality of their network is renowned as their technological arsenal includes cutting-edge computing devices as well as highly-secure, multiple Internet connections and round the clock network monitoring solutions.  In terms of customer service, expect nothing but knowledgeable and friendly professionals to assist you in your concerns.

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Top 10 Web Hosting for Small Businesses

One of the leading companies in the field of web hosting, FatCow is fervent in its mission of delivering premium tools, the widest assortment of features, as well as excellent help and support to thousands of its clients. The easy and intuitive structure of the features that can found in its single hosting plan guarantees that beginners will not have a hard time in managing and building websites by themselves.In terms of reliability, FatCow offers 99.99% uptime all year round. There is an unlimited number of MySQL databases as well as unlimited number of domain and sub domains upon successful registration with FatCow. Clients will feel secure as the company is known to utilize top-of-the-line equipment and servers which undergoes regular backups so your website is highly accessible to visitors and potential customers a swell.

Bonus features from FatCow include Google Web Master Tools, Web Analytics Tools, WordPress, Additional Scripts, and even SEO tools. You will create a highly-accessible and well-optimized website with the use of FatCow web hosting subscription.

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1&1 Web Hosting

Top 10 Web Hosting for Small Businesses

One of the more reliable web hosting companies that cater to small businesses is 1&1 Web Hosting. Their excellent infrastructure and reliable servers is undisputable as they guarantee 99.99% uptime 24/7/365.  The features offered by 1&1 are just amazing as they are priced at unbelievably low rates. Unlimited domains, web hosting space, free drag and drop builder site, and MySQL databases are just a few of the features you’ll experience with 1&1 hosting.In terms of customer service, rest assured that all technical problems and server concerns will be attended to right away by friendly and highly proficient customer support and help team.

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Certified Hosting

Top 10 Web Hosting for Small Businesses

Small companies need an affordable but still reliable web hosting company to cater to their needs. Look no further with Certified Hosting, just think of them as the smaller more personal credit union among the competition.   Certified Hosting started out in 1999, and is still continuing its tradition of offering nothing but extraordinary customer support and better uptime than its competitors. Certified offers a great deal of software and an easy to use and a highly navigable control panel for hassle-free website operation and development.

Available features found across all Certified Hosting packages include:

  • PicturePro Photo gallery
  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • WordPress
  • Zen Cart

All web hosting subscriptions also enable customers to integrate social media advertising and SEO such as Google Adwords and Facebook Ads.

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Top 10 Web Hosting for Small Businesses

EasyCGI is one of the more reputable names in the web hosting industry that not only caters to big companies, but to small businesses as well. The shared hosting solution with dedicated servers is perfect for start-up enterprises that bootstrapping to keep costs down.  EasyCGI offers true virtual servers instead of the standard virtual hosts that its rivals typically offer in their packaged plans. With the infrastructure and features from EasyCGI, customers have total control over the configuration and settings of their dedicated servers. With this feature, customers are given the ability to control their sub domains as well.

Complex and sophisticated tasks are completed at a faster rate and more efficiently with the use of EasyCGI’s control panel.

In terms of customer, every customer is given the ability to chat or speak to a live person to gain resolution of technical or server issues. With the lowest web hosting package rates in the market,  plans under EasyCGI are well worth consideration by small business entrepreneurs that plan to build a reliable online platform.

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Top 10 Web Hosting for Small Businesses

IX Webhosting boasts to have the cheapest services in the web hosting industry. This is ideal for small business owners who want to take advantage of SEO as IX web hosting supports a lot of tools and software that are all geared to help clients in the creation of highly-optimized and skillfully crafted websites. All plans under IX Webhosting offer unlimited features such as:

  • Disk space
  • Bandwidth
  • Hosted domains
  • At least 1 free domain
  • Site builder tools

IX Webhosting is more than able to guarantee 99.99% uptime even if the company is known to offer shared web hosting solutions. The personnel and administrators of IX Webhosting work round the clock in monitoring servers. Other features and add-ons from IX web hosting include dedicated IP with SSL certificate, which will enable you to guarantee clients that your website is highly secure. You can process payments and transactions without hassle with an IX Webhosting package in place.

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