Best Web Hosting for Resellers

Reseller web-hosting opens new revenue channels for web developers, designers as well as vendors of products and services that rely on Internet technologies. Organizations that have unused disk-space and bandwidth in their web-hosting account can resell their unused web-hosting resources to their clients and potential new clients. Organizations may also enter the web-hosting reseller market to:


  • Complement their suite of products and services.
  • Customize web-hosting services with features and prices that are unavailable on the market
  • Upsell Internet related products and services.


While it is possible to resell web-hosting on almost any type of web-hosting account organizations that resell web-hosting services are usually subscribed to dedicated server solutions or reseller hosting plans.


Web-hosting Market Overview

Selling webhosting products and related services can be an excellent business model with huge profit potential for service providers that command a large market share of the webhosting and related services industry. However starting, managing and maintaining a web-hosting service is a highly risky business model that requires a highly skilled workforce and a huge capital investment. Furthermore the web-hosting market highly competitive web-hosting market and consolidation in the web-hosting services industry have left a market space that is dominated by fewer and bigger competitors. Nevertheless there are plenty of potentially highly profitable web-hosting business opportunities for web developers, web designers as well as businesses that depend on Internet technologies to deliver their products and services.


Why you should consider becoming a hosting reseller

Reselling webhosting services is a low risk, minimal investment, minimum maintenance and a potentially highly profitable business opportunity for organizations that offer products and services that require Internet Technologies. In fact web developers, graphic designers and Internet marketing consultants are just a few of the related services that may offer webhosting to their clients. Nevertheless organizations that are considering entering the web-hosting reseller market need a clearly defined business model and a clearly defined business plan to take advantage of business opportunities in the web-hosting reseller market.

Business Opportunities for Web-hosting Resellers

There are countless business opportunities in the web-hosting reseller market however organizations usually enter the web-hosting reseller market to:


  • Sell customized web-hosting plans tailored to the unique requirements of their clients.

Include webhosting plans as part of a comprehensive suite of products and services.

  • Sell web-hosting packages with features and services at prices that are unavailable on the market. For example include at no extra cost:
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Website monitoring tools
  • Free advertising credits

Other unique products and services

  • Sell and upsell Internet related products and services.
  • Promote their business brand by including their company logo in their client’s C-Panel web-hosting account.
  • Buy bulk web-hosting server resources at a discount and pass on the savings to their clients.
  • Upsell related products and services:
  • Mobile apps
  • Website design
  • Enterprise web applications
  • Other Internet related products and services.
  • Market their web-hosting and related services to non-existing clients in Pay per click (PPC) and other advertising campaigns.


These are only of the few potentially highly profitable business opportunities that are available in the web-hosting reseller market. As such organizations that are looking for new revenue streams should explore business opportunities in the web-hosting reseller market.


Guidelines for Selecting a Parent Web-hosting Company.

Web-hosting companies offer a multitude of hosting reseller packages and as such organizations that wish to enter the web-hosting reseller market have plenty of options when searching for a parent hosting company. The common features found in hosting reseller packages are only a few of the features that hosting resellers should look for in a parent web-hosting company.


Common Features Found in Hosting Reseller Packages:

  • Branding of your web hosting company with the parent hosting company is invisible to your clients.
  • Management and configuration of your client’s web hosting plans tailored to your needs.
  • Disk space, bandwidth and Domain hosting.
  • Web hosting features of the parent company, such as email, control panel, scripting support, extra apps and other features are seamlessly made available to your clients.


Must Have in Webhosting Reseller Packages:

  • A scalable and reliable systems infrastructure that meets service level agreements (SLA) with your clients.
  • A proven and tested security infrastructure including:
  • A proven and tested firewall that:
  • Protects client websites from attacks; including spyware, malware, phishing, denial of service (DoS) and other service disruptions.
  • Protects your clients data, intellectual property and other assets that a part of your client’s business brand.
  • Gives you the freedom to utilize your allocated disk space and bandwidth according to your needs.
  • Does not put pricing restrictions on reseller hosting plans.
  • Offers excellent customer service and technical support – keeping in mind that clients who purchase webhosting from you will come to you for assistance in the event of technical or other difficulties.
  • The parent hosting company should be knowledgeable enough so to ensure that problems are resolved right away so that performance of your website and that of your clients
  • A free and easy to us hosting c-panel (control panel)


Additional Features and Considerations in Web-hosting Reseller Packages

  •  Choose a reseller hosting company that gives you freedom on how to utilize your allocated disk space and bandwidth
  • Pick the web hosting company that does not put pricing restrictions on your reseller hosting plans
  • Of course, the reseller hosting service should be as reliable and efficient as traditional dedicated server plans
  • Subscribe to a web hosting provider with excellent customer service. Remember that in times of technical difficulties, clients that lease out on your server will directly ask for your assistance
  • You will then relay the issues to your reseller hosting provider. The web hosting company should be more than knowledgeable in fixing problems right away so as not to disrupt the performance of your website and that of your clients too
  • The best reseller hosting companies almost, always come with a free and easy to use control panel