Top 10 WordPress Hosts

Top 10 WordPress Hosts

Top 10 WordPress Hosting Providers and Best WordPress Host

When you register a domain name and purchase web hosting services, you may not realize that most of your activity may take place on a WordPress platform. Since this particular content management system is very popular with bloggers and conventional web designers, you may want to give some serious thought to choosing the best wordpress hosting service that you can find.

While many companies provide space for this platform, the top 10 WordPress hosting providers here tend to offer a bit more value than others you might come across. At the very least, if you factor WordPress hosting your search equation, you will have it available even if you decide to try other content management platforms first.

 Best SSD WordPress Hosting Provider

1. A2 Hosting


A lightening quick WordPress hosted site may very well be a better site for all involved, and that’s what web hosting providers like A2 Hosting provide. A2 Hosting’s blazing fast WordPress hosting via their exclusive SwiftServer platform, a product of 10+ years of high-performance hosting expertise.A2 Hosting is one of the premier SSD hosting providers, and it’s no surprise why: with cloud server capability and a technological structure geared for speed and information recall, A2 Hosting is perfect for people who need speed when it comes to loading their sites, or for the expected heavy traffic on their sites. This makes it perfect for sites with e-commerce platforms, company front-end online access sites, and even sites with heavy multimedia content.

  • SwiftServer SSDs with Up To 300% Faster Page Loads Than Competing Hosts
  • No-click WordPress setup
  • 24/7/365 Guru Crew Support
  • Unlimited Resources
  • Free Server Rewind Backup
  • Free HackScan protection
  • Get 17% OFF SSD web hosting plans



Top 10 HDD WordPress Hosting Providers

1. BlueHost
Bluehost WordPress
Cost: starts at 3.95 per monthIs it Possible to Register a Domain Name? YesHow is Domain Name Connected to the WordPress Blog? After you register the domain name, you will need to redirect it to the home page for the blog. In order to determine the URL, you will have to install WordPress after registering the domain.Features: One free domain is included with each account. You can also register an unlimited number of domains on the same web hosting account. After installing WordPress, you will have access to thousands of free templates, plug-ins, and other scripts that are compatible with WordPress. This includes everything from site statistic trackers to advanced image sliders and SEO tools.What Customers Like Most: Aside from a low hosting price, most consumers enjoy being able to install WordPress with just a few mouse clicks. In addition, if you happen to want more than one blog, you can run the installation routine as many times as needed to create new blogs.Disadvantages: Even though Bluehost is inexpensive, it may not be the best choice for medium to large sized businesses that plan on having dozens of high traffic blogs on the same account. In most cases, if you go beyond a specific bandwidth, you will have to upgrade your account, or have the domain shut down until you gain renewed bandwidth for the next month.


2. Host Gator
Hostgator WordPress
Cost: 6.95 per month and upIs it Possible to Register a Domain Name? YesHow is Domain Name Connected to the WordPress Blog? You will need to redirect the domain to the homepage for your WordPress installation.Features: As with WordPress installations on most other platforms, you will have access to thousands of templates and plug-ins once you install WordPress on your server. You can also generate as many blogs as needed in order to accommodate affiliate marketing and other needs. That said, if you want each blog to have its own unique domain name, you will need to register each new domain separately, and then install WordPress onto each domain.What Customers Like Most: Unlimited domain registration and hosting. This setup is especially favored by individuals that use WordPress as their main platform for building turnkey websites for affiliate marketing and other purposes. Most also felt that Host Gator offered better up time and server speed than some other hosts.Disadvantages: Even though Host Gator allows you to host unlimited domains on each account, they do not offer the first domain for free. While this may not seem like much of a deal breaker, some customers were upset to find they still had to pay for domain registration on top of spending several dollars more per month on web hosting in general.


3. InMotion
inmotion Hosting
Cost: 5.95 per month and up.Is it Possible to Register a Domain Name? YesHow is Domain Name Connected to the WordPress Blog? Must use domain administration panel to redirect domain to homepage for your blog.Features: InMotion offers free registration for one domain at time of setup. Once the domain and hosting are set up, you can use single click features to install one or as many WordPress blogs as you need. After you install WordPress, you can customize each blog using thousands of free templates that offer everything from top bar navigation menus to sliders and video feeds. You can also make use of all kinds of plug-ins to add virtually limitless dynamic scripting to the blog.What Customers Like Most: Most consumers enjoy easy WordPress installation as well as customer support that enables them to resolve problems quickly and efficiently. Others have also noted that the servers response time tends to be faster than experienced from companies with similar hosting plans.Disadvantages: A number of customers were unhappy to discover that they could only have two domains hosted on their account. This was a distinct disadvantage for affiliate marketers that were trying out different niches and need to register dozens of different domains as a normal part of business. In addition, many small and medium sized businesses found it difficult to protect domain trademarks because they could not buy, and then host all of the domain names that were required to prevent others from using the same domain name with a different ending. For example, even if the company registered, and, another customer could easily register and use it for any purpose they pleased.


4. Hub
hub WordPress hosting
Cost: 3.95 per month to startIs it Possible to Register a Domain Name? YesHow is Domain Name Connected to the WordPress Blog? Must change domain redirect via administration panel. As long as you know the home page of your new WordPress installation, this task tends to be easy to accomplish.Features: one free domain name with new web hosting accounts, plus you can host an unlimited number of domains. Once you install WordPress, you will have access to free templates, plug-ins, and other resources commonly available with other web hosting plans.What Customers Like Most: Most clients felt that Hub offered excellent value and customer service. They were happy with the price, as well as unlimited bandwidth and storage space. A number of affiliate marketers were distinctly relieved to discover they could carry out bulk domain registrations without having to spend a fortune, or start another web hosting account.Disadvantages: Even though Hub offers fast servers and good up time value, some users noticed that WordPress installations were a bit slow when it came to editing and uploading materials onto the server. Others noted that they would have preferred a hosting plan that automatically upgraded WordPress native code instead of having to do it manually.


5. iPage
ipage WordPress Host
Cost: 2.95 per month and up depending on packageIs it Possible to Register a Domain Name? YesHow is Domain Name Connected to the WordPress Blog? Must use domain registration panel to create redirect to your blog.Features: Fast, reliable servers that easily accommodate WordPress blogs and associated databases. You can host an unlimited number of domains, as well as multiple blogs on each domain. After installation, you will have access to thousands of free conventional and flash templates. This includes ones that can be customized to create multi-column layouts, photo journals, and just about any other format for blogs and conventional websites.What Customers Like Most: One of the cheapest web hosting packages available. Most also appreciated the ability to register multiple domains and use them on the same hosting account. Others noted that they had few, if any problems with WordPress compatibility while using this hosting service.Disadvantages: Some users noticed that high traffic sites tended to exceed bandwidth faster than expected. Even though starter contracts claim to have unlimited bandwidth, they found that limits were set based on server load and number of other customers on the server. Since these customers wound up having to pay more for additional bandwidth allotments, they felt the initial low price was not accurate.


6. Dream Host
Dreamhost WordPress
Cost: First 2 weeks free, and then price depends on plan selected.Is it Possible to Register a Domain Name? YesHow is Domain Name Connected to the WordPress Blog? Domain registration panel includes an option that you can use to redirect to your blog’s homepage once it is installed.Features: Fast servers that feature easy installation for WordPress blogs. Once you install a WordPress blog, you can choose the perfect free theme and plug-in for your site. This includes flash themes as well as ones that are dedicated to specific subjects.What Customers Like Most: Several customers noted that they were very happy to get two full weeks of web hosting for free. This gave them plenty of time to learn how to install and work with the WordPress platform before having to make a decision about continuing to use it. Others were also happy with overall server speed and customer support.Disadvantages: Some customers noted that package costs after the free trial were more expensive than what it would have cost to simply purchase hosting outright from another company.


Wordpress Hosting
Cost: Free for basic WordPress blog. You can also add a range of services and features to your basic account.Is it Possible to Register a Domain Name? Yes. Domain registration is not offered with free WordPress web hosting plans, but can be purchased as an upgrade to your initial account.How is Domain Name Connected to the WordPress Blog? Redirect via the domain maintenance pageFeatures: When you setup a free account on, you will have access to one basic blog. While you will not have many free templates or plug-ins to choose from, this is an ideal way to get used to the dashboard. Once you upgrade your hosting plan, you can get thousands of free templates, plug-ins, widgets and other resources. You can also gain access to WordPress web designers that will build your site, as well as maintain it for a fee.What Customers Like Most: When it comes to the best web hosting companies for WordPress blogs, it should come as no surprise that the developers of this platform offer high quality. This includes reduced risk of compatibility issues that may occur on other servers. Most customers appreciate being able to sign up for a free account so that they can learn as much as possible about the way WordPress works before deciding if they want to pay for dedicated hosting and advanced features.Disadvantages: Even though starts out with a free plan, their upgrade packages tend to be a bit expensive. Many consumers discovered that they could find cheaper hosting via other servers that also allowed them to explore many other web design platforms.


8. Fat Cow
FatCow WordPress
Cost: starts at 4.67 per monthIs it Possible to Register a Domain Name? YesHow is Domain Name Connected to the WordPress Blog? Simply set the domain redirect option in the administration panel to point to the homepage for your blog.Features: Unlimited bandwidth and file storage. You can also have as many MySQL databases as needed, meaning that you can also have unlimited WordPress blogs installed on your account.What Customers Like Most: Several customers chose Fat Cow because it is one of the few companies that list themselves as a green technology server. Those who were looking to reduce their carbon footprint were relieved to see that Fat Cow uses only the most energy efficient servers. They were also happy to see that this company takes a number of active steps to ensure they do not rely on fossil fuel for server power.Disadvantages: Some customers noted that Fat Cow is a bit more expensive than other companies.


9. Laughing Squid
Laughing Squid WordPress
Cost: 6.00 per month for basic hostingIs it Possible to Register a Domain Name? NoHow is Domain Name Connected to the WordPress Blog? Must redirect domain to home page for WordPress blog.
Features: hosting is guaranteed to be 100% compatible with WordPress.What Customers Like Most: Ease of installation and excellent customer support, including all kinds of help with scripts.Disadvantages: Does not allow unlimited bandwidth and storage, plus service is more expensive.


10. Just Host
Justhost WordPress Hosting
Cost: 2.95 per month and upIs it Possible to Register a Domain Name? YesHow is Domain Name Connected to the WordPress Blog? Redirect from administration panel.Features: unlimited bandwidth and storage space. Also unlimited MySQL databases.What Customers Like Most: Very easy to install WordPress on multiple domains. Excellent customer support.Disadvantages: Some did not like the higher cost of domain registration through this host.