Top WordPress Theme Companies

Top WordPress Theme Companies

Top WordPress Themes and Theme Developers

WordPress themes are both the foundations and the finishing touches of your business’s Internet presence if your site uses the WordPress platform. And there’s a reason so many small businesses use the WordPress platform and some of the awesome themes available.

We’ll give you a rundown of our favorite WordPress theme providers in a minute, but just in case you aren’t sure whether or not WordPress is right for you, we thought we’d take a minute to go over the advantages of working with the WordPress platform.

WordPress Advantages

WordPress is widely used, which means there’s plenty of documentation and a very active and responsive user community out there. And because WordPress works with so many independently-created “themes” that gives sites both their functionality and their visual aesthetic, there is no end to the amount of customization you can achieve with WordPress.

But that’s just the beginning.

WordPress is Quick, Simple, and Polished

Web Design using WordPress themes can be almost instant if you don’t want to do any tweaking. Designed with an intuitive, easy-to-use interface -makes adding new pages, posts, and images easy peasy. You’ll be able to spend your time taking care of the core content of your site while formatting and design issues practically take care of themselves.

Customization Makes Your WordPress Site Unique

Create your brand and keep it consistent for all of your visitors by choosing the right WordPress theme and then customize it to your heart’s content. Customization options range from basic color schemes to advanced layout options your site look and function exactly the way you and your customers want it to. A little knowledge of HTML/CSS and/or PHP and you can truly do anything you want with the WordPress platform.

Widgets and Plug-Ins for Even More WordPress Functionality

A host of developers have also created a variety of widgets and plug-ins can extend your WordPress site’s functionality even further. You can install them right from your WordPress dashboard or download a compressed file and upload to your directory, adding features like calendars, video and photo galleries, social media links and chat boxes, and SEO and analysis tools.

WordPress Gives You Strong, Hands-On Site Management

If your site is running on a WordPress theme, you can access its internal controls from practically any Internet-connected computer. Even better, you can set up a multiple user database to enable a whole team working on the site while you control access levels for each user. Whether you make your WordPress updates yourself, leave it to your crew, or both, WordPress makes it easy to keep things running smoothly.

Search Engine Optimization is Built-In to WordPress

WordPress themes usually have optimized, neatly-structured code that makes it easy reading for search engines. Meta-tagging features and keyword optimization plug-ins can help a lot with search engine results, too. That means WordPress sites are as good as any—and better than many!—at grabbing traffic and sending it your way.

WordPress Was Built for Blogging

WordPress was originally envisioned as a blogging platform, and even though it now does so much more it still makes publishing and organizing content on your site a breeze. Post whenever you want, and from wherever you want it.

Scalability is a Natural WordPress Feature

WordPress sites can have more products and services added, more custom templates and widgets installed and changed around, even hundreds of pages or thousands of blog posts and the site won’t be compromised. WordPress is built to meet your needs, whatever they might be and however they might change.

WordPress Themes and Theme Providers for Your Business Website

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite WordPress theme builders to give you a head start in finding a theme you and your customers or clients will love. Some of these theme providers offer free themes that are fantastic to test out. Their premium themes are also well worth the price, though, so be sure to give them a look.



cyberchimps logo


CyberChimps, Inc.’s themes are some of the best around: Radiant Pro, Vertical, iFeature Pro 5—with these and many, many more to choose from, you’ll be sure to find one that’s perfect for your site’s needs. Sign up for CyberChimps Plus and get access to premium support and assistance with your site’s design and customizations. CyberChimps also has a very active user community that can offer ideas and assistance for whatever you’re trying to accomplish with your CyberChimps WordPress theme.

CyberChimps also regularly puts many of its best themes on sale, and offers other deals, too. If you have multiple websites and want them all to have great WordPress themes at great prices, swing on over to CyberChimps and take a look!



Organized Themes

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Organized Themes has tons of great WordPress themes to choose from, and they’re so, well…so organized! Business Themes, Restaurant Themes, Church Themes, and Charity Themes all get their own section on Organized Themes’ website, and each category is chock full of responsive themes that look sleek, professional, and elegant on any web browsing device. They also make customization a breeze with the control panel for their theme customizer, so your site will be sure to be one-of-a-kind.

Organized Themes also have a variety of pricing options, so whether you’re a WordPress whiz setting up a new site every week or just want to find a single WordPress theme for your small brick-and-mortar business, you’ll find a way to keep it way under budget.




ultimatum theme logo
Ultimatum promises to be the only developer you’ll need to create the perfect WordPress site—or WordPress sites—to achieve whatever look, layout, and functionality you desire, and they could be right! Both the Starter and Pro License packages offered by Ultimatum come with lifetime memberships to support staff, forums, and certain theme access, and each one of Ultimatum’s WordPress themes gives you a comprehensive layout builder and styling/CSS editor, allowing you to completely customize your site without writing (or understanding!) a single line of code.

Ultimatum has built their own sliders, layer sliders, page and post composers, and other customized and customizable features. When it comes to control and versatility, Ultimatum really might have the last word!



StudioPress Genesis Framework

studio p

Elegant simplicity meets substantial capability with the Genesis Framework, a layout-centric WordPress theme from StudioPress that provides a rock-solid foundation for customizing your site. For those who like a more minimalist aesthetic, you can use Genesis “straight out of the box” by just selecting the layout options you want, or you can use StudioPress’ popular framework as a jumping-off point for a design as intricate and flashy as you want to make it. Wherever you go with your Genesis Framework, you’ll have a strong SEO foundation and seamless desktop and mobile viewing.

StudioPress doesn’t stop there, though. It also offers many fully-finished WordPress themes built on its Genesis Framework, so whether you want to build your business’s online home from the foundation up or want a turn-key solution, StudioPress can help!




websavvymarketinglogo offers a whole lot more than WordPress themes, but if you’re looking for more WordPress theme choices built the Genesis Framework, they’ve got the largest selection outside StudioPress itself. With more than 30 themes to choose from, all tagged and arranged by business type and/or color and style, it’s easy to find a perfect fit. And because they’re all built on the powerful Genesis Framework, they have all the function and customizability you could ask for.

For ready-made solutions to your WordPress and website needs that still give you the ability to create your own brand image, is definitely worth checking out.



ThemeForest Evolve Theme

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Of the dozens of WordPress themes available at ThemeForest, our favorite is the Evolve Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme. In addition to all of the basic customizability you’d expect from any top WordPress theme, ThemeForest’s Evolve WordPress theme comes with a visual page builder to make it easy to achieve the exact look you’re going for, ten different pre-built and fully-loaded homepage layouts (which you can still tweak on your own), more than 2,000 font icons, and a whole lot more.

ThemeForest’s Evolve theme even has built-in functionality for a video background and a ton of other features you can implement with shortcodes—type a simple word or two into any page or post to add professionally-scripted functions into your site.



DIYThemes Thesis Framework

DIYthemes logo
DIYThemes also earned a mention on our Top WordPress Themes and Theme Developers roundup for its Thesis 2 platform, which comes with a powerful yet easy-to-use template editor. This allows you to dig even deeper into your WordPress theme and create custom page and whole-site templates, not just make changes to sets of design choices and basic layout, all without needing to learn anything about coding. They even have a patent pending on their visual template editor!

While DIYThemes also offers an array of finished themes built using their Thesis 2 template, it’s the template itself that caught our attention. If you’re willing to take the time to truly build your own site but don’t want to invest the brain space in learning how to code, Thesis 2 is a great tool.



Dynamik Website Builder Genesis Theme

best wordpress themes

Potent and versatile, Dynamik Website Builder is a do-it-yourself Genesis Child Theme that delivers its members hundreds of no-coding design options, plus numerous additional functional features. With simple-to-use Responsive Design settings you can fully customize how your site responds to mobile devices.  Dyanamik has a super adaptable EZ Static Homepage feature that gives you the option to choose from over 49 custom widgetized homepage frameworks, simplifying homepage design with a few clicks.

Swiftly and effortlessly create Custom Widget/Content destinations without coding, use Custom Conditionals to specify just where they display and if you need to do a little custom coding, you’ll find Dynamik Website Builder is highly adaptable.   Dyanmik website builder includes eight Cobalt Apps Dynamik Skins that range from BlogPress to SmallBizzPress, to EnterprisePress to SocialPress and to ProductPress. The ProductPress skin is fully compatible with WooCommerce. And yes, you can tweak these skins and customize them for your Genesis-powered web project. If you’re a Genesis framework fan, you won’t be disappointed with this empowering web design software.