7 Emerging Social Media Networks

7 Emerging Social Media Networks

7 Helpful Social Media Networks for Small Businesses

We all know that social media has pretty much turned into the lifeblood of America. We know what messages are colleagues and friends are focused on, 140 characters at a time thanks to Twitter. We know what kinds of business related topics are pulsing thanks to LinkedIn. We have even more insight into our customers’ creative business projects as a result of Instagram magic. Needless to say, the popular social media networks that exist are the tools that connect us, bind us, and for an instant make us feel like we are right there hanging out with our customers and colleagues, even if they happen to be a couple of thousand miles away.

Indeed, it’s easy to see how the current kings of social media dictate how we talk to each other; considering that there are almost 400 photos uploaded to Instagram per second, we certainly are not all that shy about publishing information and media. But while it’s fun to revel in the here and now, it’s just as fun to see what new social media networks are coming down the road  to further concentrate our focus on the screens of our laptops, phablets, smart phones, and other mobile devices.

And in this continuously and rapidly changing hyperspace landscape, there are seven emerging social networks that are poised to grab hold of your attention. While they may look unfamiliar and foreign at this moment, keep in mind that Snapchat was largely unknown a year ago.

Our Guide to 7 Emerging Social Media Networks:



7 emerging social media networks

Like a lot of social network, this Los Angeles-based social media network allows people to upload their photos, make comments of varying wit, and post random videos. But here’s the twist: Pheed comes equipped with a monetization feature that enables the user to charge its potential followers a monthly fee for the ability to track them. This fee can range anywhere between $2 and $35.What’s more, if a user uploads original content to Pheed, the user retains all rights to that upload – the social network will not claim it as their property. While this social network has obvious interest from the world of celebrities, it also has grabbed the attention of those who use the format to dabble in creative pursuits, from podcasts to serious photographers.

Visit: https://www.pheed.com




7 emerging social media networks

Remember the website “Hot or Not,” where people would post photos of people on the internet and invite visitors to the site to judge whether or not he or she looked attractive? In a way, this social network site is set up to be a natural extension of that website. It essentially works by allowing the user to crowd source an opinion on an uploaded photo, primarily by utilizing the time-honored “thumbs up/thumbs down” method.For example, if you don’t know what earrings to wear for your night out. You can snap a photo of you wearing a set, send it out on Thumb, and get your followers’ reaction in a manner of minutes. It’s quick, engaging, and potentially ego-stoking enough to make it irresistible to those who don’t mind getting a little extra validation every now and again.

Visit: http://thumb.it




7 emerging social media networks

If there is one drawback to the popular social networks that are out there is that they only give people a finite space in which to express themselves. As revolutionary as Twitter has been to social media, its famous 140 character limit can occasionally make it difficult for people to say what they truly want to say. Medium is striving to change this.The invitation-only social network is more or less set up to look like a specially crafted network of blogs, where the people that are granted permission to create posts can express their thoughts and opinions on a level much deeper than what can be expressed in a few words. These posts, in turn, can be read and commented on by anyone and everyone. As interesting as that sounds, the most intriguing aspect of Medium may be that it’s the brainchild of the same person who created Twitter.

Visit: https://medium.com




7 emerging social media networks

Think about the first time you used your computer to buy something, and how revolutionary it felt. You didn’t have to go to a store, or get in your car, or leave your house, or even change out of your pajamas. It was pretty empowering. Nowadays, of course, it feels as commonplace as going to the store once did. However, Chirpify is one social network that is poised to bring back that very same feeling of wonder that you had the first time you bought a book on Amazon.Through this social network, sellers can offer a host of wares via Instagram or Twitter from event tickets to T-shirts. In order to purchase the item, all you need to do is reply with “buy.” That’s it – no credit cards or checkout information necessary. The transaction is completed through your Twitter account in conjunction with a pre-designated payment account. In addition to buying and selling stuff, Chirpify can be used for giveaways, fundraising purposes, and peer-to-peer payments, the latter of which could come in handy if you owe someone a few bucks in this electronic debit card world. The only caveat to Chirpify is that the social network does take 5% on any payment that you may receive.

Visit: https://chirpify.com




7 emerging social media networks

It’s no secret that smart phones have replaced point and click cameras as the main way most of us capture images. It’s easy to see why, too – they’re easy to use, the image resolution is stellar, and it means that there is one less thing for you to carry when you go out. However, there is one drawback to camera smart phones: It is so convenient to take pictures with them we tend to take a whole lot more photos that we used to with a camera. As a result, a lot of photos that we take end up getting buried deep in the recesses of our phone’s memory. This in turn results in a collection of photos that have no rhyme, reason, or organization.Flayvr’s social network is specifically designed to restore order to phone photos by allowing users to upload pictures and videos to easy to access albums, which are automatically organized by date, location, and any calendar information that can extracted from your smart phone. These photo albums are then converted into web pages that can be easily and readily shared with your friends through e-mail or other social networks, making it much easier for you to send your captured memories to your friends and loved ones.

Visit: http://www.flayvr.com




7 emerging social media networks

We are all familiar with how labor intensive sending an image or video that you take with your smart phone can be. After you captured it, you have to find the person’s contact information, upload it, and send it off, provided that you have that contact information handy on your phone. And sharing it with someone via a social network will only work if you are connected with them in that particular medium. Chirp is poised to turn heads because it has the power to eliminate all of this hassle, because its means of social networking is based entirely on sound.Here’s how it works: Once you take a photo that you want to send out, the Chirp social network will let out a high-pitched robotic noise that lasts a couple of seconds. All of the other phones within audio range of the noise will pick it up and download the photo, or even a message. This has huge application potential for business purposes as well as social ones, as one Chirp can instantly send out notes, infographics, forecasts, and other boardroom-related stuff out to all of those who need to receive such materials in a snap.

Visit: http://chirp.io




7 emerging social media networks

Essentially, this social network combines the best elements of instant messaging and Facebook to create a much more efficient communications tool. Rather than having to deal with monstrously large e-mail threads in order to get business or any other sort of important information taken care of, Conversations allows for communication threads to be set up like a discussion on Facebook. You can post the main topic in a message board format, share it with anyone you wish to share it with, and people can pop in and out of the board in real-time to add their input. This especially has huge positive ramifications in the world of customer support.With Conversations, a customer care team can truly act as a team, instantly analyzing a problem as it comes in and coming up with on-the-fly solutions. Of all the emerging social networks, Conversations is poised to make the most significant splash from a business and commercial standpoint.

Visit: https://hootsuite.com/features/conversations


Wrap Up

If there is one thing that binds these disparate social networks together, it is that each of these emerging networks have launched new and unique ways to bind us closer together and make the world appear even smaller.  These social tools are digital solutions to physical distances and simplify the way we share personal information and data. One can only imagine what kind of social networks are just around the corner, angling to empower our capabilities even further.