Top 6 CRM Software

Top 6 CRM Software

Top 6 CRM Software and Best CRM

CRM or otherwise known as Customer Relationship Management is software that empowers a business entity to streamline its customer relationship system. A transportation brokerage firm is an example of a business that will benefit from CRM to manage its customer data collection and retrieval activites . CRM aggregates and processes information about customers.  The information is stored in a CRM data base and is regularly synthesized  for sales and marketing strategic usage. This is where CRM comes in handy as it groups customers into clusters depending on customer classification creation in CRM settings. Clusters or groupings can be set for product preferences, expenditure levels, or for simple demographic groupings of the customer base by name, age, or gender.   The data can be farmed to various internal organizations for the purpose of analytics customization that ideally leads to a bump in profits either through increased inefficiencies and or gains in conversions.

Benefits of CRM

Customer Base Information

Having a CRM software program gives you immediate access to crucial information at any moment. For marketing purposes, you have valuable data on the specific wants and needs of your customer base. Data that will provide you clues on how to market a new product effectively and increase conversions from existing customers/clients. You will be able to more directly target your clients and sell them on new products and services.

Customer Service

With streamlined visibility on feedback, questions, and clarifications, employing CRM will improve your customer relationships. You will be able to see the sales angle in any situation with the necessary data at your finger tips concerning a particular customer. Data such as gender, preference in the products you offer as well as clues as to what products and services to market to your existing customers will be clearly visible.  CRM also streamlines your company’s operations management as it allows more than one department to access customized information resulting in greater interoperability among internal agencies. Each department will have access to appropriate insight on customer activity thereby reducing hiccups in customer services.

Customer Relation

To grow your client base by properly satisfying your customers to the point that they refer your company to the competition is exceedingly challenging in a rapidly dynamic global landscape. You get a sterling reputation as a company and you sell more because your client base “word of mouth” refers your business for having good business ethics as well as a great rapport with clients. Client data should be well collected and accurate, as CRM will group this data according to certain demographics or specific categories. CRM routinely queries for new client data from your customer’s social profile, web browser and cookie data. CRM is phenomenal tool for forecasting what to offer your client in terms of products or to simply strengthen customer relationships by reaching out to see how they are doing.

Greater Efficiency

One of the main purposes of CRM is for your business to become more efficient and organized with company contacts and clients. Organized contact information, client interaction, sales and marketing activity, and customer support are all areas in which your company will realize lasting gains in efficiency.

Cost Reduction

Additionally, CRM is a crucial tool for product and service related companies seeking cost reduction strategies. The software streamlines operations management and has the capability to pinpoint which facet of your company should be focused on cost reduction or which facets need additional resources in order to ensure more impactful operations.

Increased Profits

CRM boosts operational efficiency as well as customer relations because the availability of data on your clients is accessible at any given moment. Cost reduction and increased efficiency generally translate to an increase in profit margin.

Top 6 CRM Software Providers:

SalesforceCRMsalesforcelogoThis CRM program operates through the Internet and does not make use of any necessary software or programs. This tool has many benefits such as a content library for sales and marketing presentations, a featured called “Collateral”, which is an application that employees are able to use for their sales and marketing plans. This contains important information about your client history as well as the past plans and strategies that were successful in the past. With this information, it gives you an automatic edge in determining the customers’ likes and dislikes, wherein you can capitalize more on what the customer needs in order for your transaction to be successful.Visit:


Microsoft Dynamics CRMlogo-microsoft-dynamicsV3This CRM tool allows for more efficiency in your sales, marketing, and customer relations as it gives you modules to automate lead tracking, tracking of all activities and transactions, and gives your salesteams real-time information and updates on your clients. Microsoft Dynamics is best suited for customer relations as it gathers all of the necessary information about your clients and is accessible to your sales team so that they sell your products properly as well as to strengthen existing customer relationships.Visit:


InfusionsoftThis CRM tool is best suited for small businesses as it centers on E-mails and other marketing tools. It is web-based in the sense that you build your marketing campaigns and sales plans online, through E-mail and text blasts. Regular updates are also a part of the benefits as this will give you specific selling tools that you can market to a certain demographic or class according to grouping of your clients based on the information that the CRM has.Visit:


Nimble logothis CRM tool collects all business contacts and syncs them with other potential contacts that you may have and creates a network that these contacts will be able to view your business portfolio. You can also get more information on your potential customers by keeping you updated with their latest information brought about by existing blogs that have or other venues of information that they post online.Visit:


BatchBookbatchbook-logoThis CRMtool is based on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. What this tool does is to allow you to send e-mails and invites on these social network sites to broaden your potential client spectrum. You are able to send them updates on their Facebook or e-mails about any new products or new campaigns as well as to generate feedback from them which will prove essential in your devising of a new product or campaign.Visit:


NetSuite CRMlogo_netsuiteThis CRM Tool includes sales force automation, marketing automation, customer support and service, and flexible customization. It also analyzes sales performances,order management and marketing effectiveness capabilities to name a few.Visit:

CRM tools build customer rapport which is essential in keeping those customers satisfied and therefore loyal to your brand and products. These tools are chief in the formulation of different marketing strategies that seek to appeal to each customer group classified within the CRM software.